Thank you for a GREAT 10.5 release -- totally worth the update price in my opinion.

It’s heartening to see that many things we’ve been asking for are finally here, even little things like sends showing their actual name in the automation lanes. Multi Delay is a truly sick plugin…I rarely say that about native plug-ins, but this one for me is a game changer and I see myself using it a gigantic amount. Unification of the look of all the windows, new color options for the mixer and project window tracks, etc., etc. Export video. Import tracks so much more advanced. Lots of other fantastic big and small features and improvements that I’ll be using every single day and show Steinberg is listening and caring about everyday users, and the little things make a HUGE difference. For me it’s been 100% stable with gigantic film trailer projects.

This is encouraging because it means that C11 should have many things that many of us still need and/or want including gapless audio, improved MIDI and Expression editing, being able to access all mix parameters in the project window (again, for those who don’t know about this, it’s a game changer for speed and efficiency…yesterday I was at a mix session with someone on Pro Tools and they never had to leave the main project window, with no lower mix window at all needed, to instantly and intuitively do any mix move or change, including new inserts/sends, copying insert/sends to other channels, etc. No need to click to any other kind of window to do any of these things), etc.

Anyway, thank you for this fantastic update and for listening. These kinds of releases are what will keep me using Cubase, as well as a happy Steinberg supporter, even through the inevitable bugs that every program goes through. As many of you know I can sometimes do a lot of complaining here (which is simply the way forums usually are), so I want to make sure that anyone from Steinberg knows that through all of that, when a release like this comes out I’m a happy customer because I know you’re listening.

Another little thing that makes a big difference: The strong color for the filters that are enabled in the Pre section of the mixer. Awesome.

Thank you for your kind words!

I’m gonna have to give a shout out as well, it’s a great update! Feels really slick and polished, and yeah that Multi Tap Delay is icing on the cake, really great stuff.

Agree wholeheartedly!

I have the feeling that the communication between Steinberg and their customers improved a lot recently.
Not long ago when scrolling through the forums I read a lot about people complaining because of the (non existing) support, or because Steinberg did not really listen to what was needed by the customers.

But now I have the impression that its getting better and better. Yes there are some delays here and there and other things too, but all in all I must say that I am a happy customer too. Thank you for that and keep it up! :slight_smile:

That new Multitap alone is worth it.

The C10 was a bit of a dissappointment because you might think 10th release must be worth it.
As allways the 0.5 update comes, and again C10 is worth it.
But to me still, there is A LOT of work to be done…

There is, indeed, like any program. But if things continue in the direction that they did for 10.5 then I’m looking forward to what the future will bring as far as the work that still needs to be done.

Loving the colour…

Its like Cubase has become a happy place once more and my screen is a rainbow framed thing of joy… Thank you.
It no longer looks like a Wehrmacht radio.

Indeed a great update :slight_smile:

I love the little things improving, didn’t even have time to check out Multi Tap Delay or Padshop 2. Of course there’s a lot of stuff not there yet and everyone has personal preferences with priorities but each update through the last years has brought useful stuff on top, often especially the .5 updates!

The price asked is totally fine for me. Hope we’ll never see a subscription model although updating once a year is very similar. Feels better to me though :laughing:

I love 10.5, very great news in It!
For me would be perfect if the toolbox on two lines, how in cubase 9.5…

I just would hope that for this C10 and C10.5 we pay twice for an update! While still i think C10 was not worth an anyversary style C10!