Thank you for colored tracks! But please color the track names in the mix console like they were before 10.5

The addition of colored tracks/channels in the Project Window and Mixer makes a HUGE difference with quickly being able to find things. Thank you!

One thing I don’t understand, though, is why the track names in the Mix Console are now white over black instead of the being colored with the track like they were in C10? The black undoes some of what is so great about having colored channels now, and I’m not sure why that decision was made.

It’s important to give us the option to have the track name boxes colored with the track as they used to be – right now it’s a bit messy and not as easy as it should be to find things.

Likely because it was considered to have better readability and being easier on the eyes. I don’t object. But opinions may differ, as always with this kind of things. If the name field had the subdued color and not the bright one, it could be both colored and being easy on the eyes.

It could be customized (no color/subtle color/bright color), and also some other things. I have a feature request for an optional preference for a middle way: only the fader sections to be colored (not the rack zone). I also mention the name field as a subject for preference, and some other details.

Yes! Don’t know why the designers always decide to add something asked for then take something away not asked for?

Agreed on all points, yes.

Agreed with OP +10000000


I like the new look more. But there is plenty of room for preferences in Preferences. So why not Steinberg give us the option to customise more things in Cubase?.