THANK YOU for new MIDI record features!

I’m over the moon. I just tried inputting a piano accompaniment to an orchestration… using real-time MIDI input… and it worked like a dream.

Previously, the latency in my system had resulted in a MIDI Thru that was infuriatingly late, so I had abandoned it. But with the option to turn this off, I can record using my digital piano’s local sound with Dorico providing the click and the existing orchestration. After a little trial and error, I had to set my MIDI latency to -175ms ( :open_mouth: ), but no matter. Set it and forget it. Perfetto!

The second new feature that has made this a breeze is Edit Duration–Extend to Next Note. Once I’ve recorded the piano track, I select it and set everything to a small note value (16th usually), which eliminates ties for overlapping notes. Then some Alt-M and Alt-N to move notes between staves as needed, Extend to Next Note to remove the rests, and Bob’s your uncle.

A big public thank-you to the whole team, and especially to Paul, who I know was instrumental in these features. I know more features like smart split point are under consideration, but MIDI Thru and Extend have finally made real-time MIDI recording a reality for me. This is a game-changer for my workflow.

Glad it worked well for you! I can’t take credit for that particular one though - you’ve Daniel to thank for that particular featurette.

Likewise, delighted to hear you’re finding these features useful.