Thank You for new PDF Format

Hey, I just realized that most of the C7 documentation seems to be reformatted to single column mode and not protected. THANK YOU!!! I was reading it without realizing that I wasn’t fighting the manual on my tablet. I know I was among a few that requested this a few versions ago as you moved away from printed manuals.

So, along with all the whining (some of it mine), I thought I’d toss a THANK YOU! your way. This is the right way to go if you are going to cut down on the printed manuals.

Yes, tahts really cool!
Thanks Steinberg

Still lots of wasted margin space though. I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have something to complain about :smiley:

im going to act really really thick now just for the shear hell of it … what does the new format allow you to do ???

If you open the Cubase 6 operations PDF, they are in two column mode, so you have to read down column one, the scroll back up to the top of column 2 to continue. Diagrams were split referenced between the two columns. It was very difficult to read contiguously. Now the flow is single column like a book. So you just scroll top to bottom continuously.

It just goes to show how used to things we get. I didn’t even notice it until the thread about a printed manual started … I just happened to have the C7 operations manual open on my pad infinity at the time and realized it was single column. I had been reading it without noticing that the format was “correct”. It’s easier to notice when things are wrong than when they are right I guess.

it depends on if your glass is half empty or half full :wink:

thanks for the explanation i always thought the pdf was a bit fiddly but never realised the format buti sure will when i open it up again

cheers dude

Although I know you are sort of joking, I actually I don’t think that is the issue … When things just work, you just use them. You only question it when you try to do something but something other than expected behavior occurs.

Occasionally you get the opposite surprise, where not only does it do what you expected but something cool happens that was beyond your expectation. That’s when you notice in a positive way.

In this case the format was “normal”, so there was no reason to notice. However, there was nothing “fancy” to call attention to itself. The double column was very noticeable as a detriment to using a mobile reader.