Thank you for the combined select tools! Now for its next improvements...

I can’t thank you enough for finally adding the ability to combine the range and select tools! <3 <3 <3

The next few things I’d really love to see now is the ability to use the range tool area to locate the cursor, without having to hold alt/opt+shift. And with that also add shortcuts to trim start/end to cursor, much like the existing fade-in/out to/from cursor shortcuts.

That would make audio editing tasks oh so much faster…

And a key to defeat snap? That would be good also

how do you mean a key to defeat snap? they have implemented snap an and snap off separately now haven’t they?

+1 Yes. These would make the range/select combo amazing.

When you have the selection tool and you move something you can press ctrl and it temporarily disengages snap.

It would be cool to have a modifier to temporarily disable it while using the combined tool. Without using a keycommand to disable and enable snap

I see wahat you’re saying

I agree!

That is crazy I didn’t know that after all these years thanks for your request and sharing! I have been making marker tracks all over my sessions so I could quickly click to update the cursor. You are the best and yes I second what you said but at least I have a better solution then what I have been doing :blush:!

This is one of those things that just seems so odd to me since they have this in Nuendo and is a major thing for editing audio. Edit>Range>“Cut Head” & “Cut Tail” Why they haven’t added this to Cubase is beyond me, just like why they waited so long to add AAF import to Cubase (Cubase 10).

Here is a couple of macros that might help that I have made.
The reason for the start and stop commands are that if you are playing then it will jump your cursor to the wrong place and if you are stopped and just clicked to update your cursor then it will jump to the last place you played from rather than where the cursor is currently parked. You can run Cut Head and Cut Tail in Nuendo without these issues.

Thank you so much for this!