Thank you for the Library Manager!

I just finally used the Library Manager in the wild for the first time today. I had spent a lot of time tweaking a certain engraving setting, and as I was working on a new file, I assumed I’d have to do it all over again… then I remembered the Library Manager. Opened the other file and swapped those settings. Done. Beautiful.

Thank you!


Happened to me today too… Had tons of playing techniques in another file, importing just those I needed was a matter of seconds. Wow.


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This is a relief for me.

Normally, as I’m working mid-project and I find some setting that I decide I want in all future projects, I write them down to apply to my template after.

I’ve stopped doing that in a massive project I’m currently on, due to the Library Manager existing. Needless to say, I’ve long forgotten the tweaks I’ve made and so I’m a little anxious about the transfer next time!

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