Thank you for the new Percussion editor!

Just wanted to say that I’m personally very happy of how the new Percussion editor looks and behaves. Contrary to the older editor, this one is clearly conceived for orchestral percussions and not for drum kits (even if it can work very well with them). A very elegant solution.



It better work for drum kits! :face_with_monocle:


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It looks like the Cubase percussion editor… which is perfect for drum kits. I don’t understand your sentence :person_shrugging:

I remember Cubase’s editor was the one made with rhombuses, as in a previous version of Dorico:

Has it changed lately? I was trying to check it in Cubase AI, but my eyes hurt as soon as I opened it, so I let it go.


It has the same kind of features described by Anthony Hughes in the new video, where you can assign different rhythmic grids to each instrument, the ability to click-drag to create whole line filled with those values, move, delete… I mean, I was watching Ant’s video, and it really reminded me of Dom Sigalas’ one about the percussion editor in Cubase.

If Cubase’s Percussion editor has not changed from the image above, the basic difference is that Cubase thinks in terms of instant hit, and Dorico of variable duration. In Cubase you even get a note shape recalling the head of a drum stick. In Dorico, a note is a note, even if it is played by an unpitched percussion.

The difference is, in my view, the one between an exclusively (or mostly) rhythmic idea of percussion, versus one of percussion as both rhythm, pitch range and color.