Thank you for the new Steinberg licensing!

The subject heading basically says it all. What a pleasure to have no worries about hitting the dongle while in use and being able to leave it behind when taking my laptop with me. I am also very happy not having to worry about internet “connectedness” when using Dorico. Thanks for listening and responding to customer concerns before finalizing the implementation!


Low-key my favorite feature of Dorico 4, so far. Not even joking.

Or having a laptop with one USB port which has to be used for a special mouse, not waking the computer with a eLicenser soft error every morning, getting three instances on three computers so more opportunities to get stuff done … yes much appreciated.

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I’ve been enjoying this too. I’ve transitioned all of my files to iCloud so now I don’t have to carry my ssd (and dongle) back and forth from work. It’s been positively lovely.

I did have a scare yesterday when suddenly it malfunctioned and said I wasn’t activated, but a restart fixed the problem.