Thank you Greg Ondo

You are a Cubase master and a great teacher- thank you and I encourage anyone in the NY area to attend club cubase

Big +1.

Greg Ondo, with sidekick Brian McGovern, just rocked our world with a stellar Cubase 7 New Features demo overview in Tempe, AZ. The new mixer is unbelievable. How to work with the new Chord track. Channel locking, and applying inserts, EQs and more, on dozens of tracks at once. Cue mixes with full meter bridge. The holy grail “more me” mixes for your performers. Thanks also to Eric, our local Cubase Meetup organizer. Definitely go to a Club Cubase Meetup near you!

All in all, if you haven’t upgraded to Cubase 7 yet, you’re missing out!

Aloha guys.

Not seen him in person but from all the vids
I’ve seen, he is IMHO without a doubt,
one of the best teachers of Cubase.

The ‘GO-man’ rocks!

I see where Greg is going to be in Seattle. I wish he would drive down the highway and make a stop in Portland!

+1 on the Portland stop!