Thank you Helge and team for better forum participation!

Just a quick thanks to Helge and the team at Steinberg who have been participating more here lately in the forum! This is very much appreciated, please keep it up! It’s refreshing to see the increased number of posts here, better communication, helpful mini-posts, detailed release announcements, etc.!

I agree it’s been great. Been with Cubase a long time and this is indeed the best communication I’ve seen. The products we have been offered lately and the updates reflect our voiced requests. Good job Steiny!!!


Thank you for pointing it out, we do what we can and try our best to reach a new level of customer interaction.


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I’m relatively new to Cubase, so I have no point of reference to compare to (besides my experiences with Cakewalk, that is). However, I also would like to express my appreciation for the interaction displayed by Steinberg employees in these forums. Please, keep it up!


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Thanks to Helge (and team…!) :slight_smile:

+1 and Mahalo!

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Fine, Helge. So, let’s test it… Could you please tell us why :

  • despite being documented in the C7 Operation manual (p.705), the ‘Appearence//Work area’ page of the preferences, the one with the horizontal and the three vertical grid levels settings, just disappeared ?

  • the ‘R/W’ buttons remain visible in the FX/Group tracks when narrowing them ?

  • the project cursor has ‘gained’ a blurry white mask making it difficult to use for (slightly) decaying eyes ?

  • the C7 overview line background remains flashy white, no matter the color adjustments you attempt ?

And, with these, why the issue reports I made about the two first ones have been transferred in the ‘Miscellaneous’ sub-forum ?

Thanks in advance…


… too much

Helge…the more you guys show up in here, the closer we feel to the development team. I checked the forums before I switched from Sonar and saw you posting. That was one of my reasons for choosing Cubase over Live. Stay active in these forums. …people appreciate it!