Thank You Is Inadequate

To all the Dorico team
Thank You! I’ve posted before on the forum about how wonderfully helpful you and my fellow Doricans are. This new update proves not only that you genuinely care about us Dorico users, but that you also listen to our concerns and are willing to address them if possible/practical. And, as a person who is not ‘deep menu’ capable, Im especially grateful that many of the new features are “Gary proof.” Thanks for the best Christmas (or anytime) gift I could ask for🤗


I second the sentiment. Daniel and the team are a rare breed, indeed! We can’t thank them enough.



Time to be fruitful and multiply!

I was amazed that two of my suggestions were implemented in Dorico 5.1, and only a few months after I made them: the ability to move move slurs laterally with the mouse and left aligning of fingering interchanges. Thank you very much for these improvements, Dorico team! Dorico is a marvelous tool for which I am very grateful. Happy holidays to all!