Thank you! Searching the forum...

Thank you for the really terrific 2.1 version! Finally, I can work with dorico, had a nearly not bothersome but totally acceptable learning curve as a (mostly probable) former Sibelius and Score user (the latter surely not former), and have much fun using it.

Of course, I often have to look in the manual or consult the forum, and since the forum is very, very active (like to see that!), it is correspondingly time consuming to search it. When you look for two or three keywords, you may find hundreds of posts, and many are not really related to your search but closer to a totally different topic. And of course there are still issues to be solved and announced which may afford a better design or correction (we all are human beings, right?)

Are there any thoughts to give the forum a structure oriented at the different stages and parts of Dorico with the advanced search pointing them out? Of course, the differentiation of the Cubase forum does not go really far enough… That would be very helpful indeed!

By the way, one of the searchable parts of the Dorico forum should solely be “posts of Daniel” (not being able to read nearly 9.000 posts to find the highest possible quality of answers, though I’d love to have the time to do so :wink:)

The forum’s own search sucks. However it’s extensively spidered by Google. I regularly use the “Dorfor” method described here:

It’s worth noting that even on the move, just googling the keywords I need (and the word Dorico) generally finds what I’m looking for. Even on Google’s mobile-optimised version you can tap the “More from” option.

Oh, and if you click Daniel’s username on any of his posts, you can then search HIS posts.

Thank you!