Thank you steinberg dev team...

Someone at cubase dev team listened and created just the right midi editor…
Still don’t have true ghost notes(notes reference only) but everything else is there…
Cubase 11 Pro is awesome…
Thank You!

Yes, after many years of posting and asking for features to restrict note inputs to key it seems they have finally delivered. The only thing I have not seen so far is if lock to pitch is applied to all the drawtools in the midi editor and not just the single pen. Have you updated? Do you know if Sine and saw can be locked into pitch?

Yes, I got it working, had issues activating, but my relentless clicking on retry payed off and I was able to activate… yes even live input can be locked… just don’t use key switches in piano roll… it will shifted… lol , now I need to create articulation maps for NI kontakt… and group note when copied up or down still maintain relative scale … it’s awesome :clap:

And It has so much more…

Good features.
I have few things left missing from piano roll.
Either a range tool (like on in-line editor) or grid based duplication like Logic, Studio one (where duplicated notes are placed to the next grid division instead of to the butt of last note)
Adjust note ends to same length (I am talking about notes that start at different points, not making them all same length)
Stretch notes in the piano roll instead of the way it is done now through the region from the arrangement where you can not select which notes to stretch.

Yes, the Range Selection Tool would have been the perfect completion for this year’s Key Editor update. Especially since they have now added global tracks and put so much effort into being able to copy CC data from one track to another. Really the only major tool missing in Key Editor.

Back in 1997, when I was working for a midi-file production company, I was quickly copying CC events from one track to another, effortlessly. I was using Cubase 2.0 with a monochrome interface. It was enough to use your head and a bit of the Logical Editor to accomplish everything you wanted to do. Today, however, we applaud functions that only make Cubase more heavier… :confused:

Day 2 of playing with Cubase 11 Pro, nice feature, very stable! zero crashes, thus far, even with a project with bunch of VSTs and FXs.
Good Work, Now if you guys can only upgrade your licensing system, that would be awesome.

Thank you devs for your hard work! :slight_smile:
Cubase 11 is awesome! So far had a look round really cool features, But due to work commitments I have yet to explore fully.

I agree with the other users here, adding the Range Selection tool in the key editor would have been great (maybe next time round)

Would like to see focus on the elicenser system with an overhaul adding more capacity to the servers, improving the registration process overall etc
I am sure us loyal Cubase fans would really appreciate that

Coming from Cubase 10 I am pretty happy with version 11! I’m not a heavy user but had a 6h mixing session yesterday and everything run fast and stable on my Mac Mini. I like some of the new stuff (from v10.5 and v11) and don’t need other, as alway. And there still are some inconsistencies in the GUI and dialog boxes, but nothing worth pulling your hair.

The only thing I really miss is an option for a bright GUI. I never got used to the dark modes all around and would love to have a bright version of Cubase.

so far so good … a few minor things but that may be me ( not the brightest bulb )
but i like the look and feel my fave feature so far is the scopes just amazing by by third party scopes …
love that…

I didn’t expect to be impressed with the new plugins, but I am liking Imager, it is easy to understand and used carefully can be a really effective tool. Way better than most comb filter wideners. I didn’t know I needed it until I heard it so, well done on this one. I think it will get used a lot.

Like some others have said the new plugins are cool but probably not as good as third party ones that most already have anyway, but I still think they’re nice to have.

Other than a weird thing where I get a 4 second spinning ball every 3 minutes (hoping this is a glitch and when I boot up again later it will be gone) this seems a very stable release. Have had zero crashes. But I hardly had any crashes with 10.5 anyway.

Love this update on the whole. Keep up the good work steinberg.

Been away fro a few years. Came back to Cubase 11, Must say I am very impressed by the progress. Probably the most powerful instrument on the planet. A real market leader. Where innovation and art meets hard core coding and impressive science. Thank you.


I am on Windows 10 (all the BS services disabled) i7 9700K, not seeing any issues here, zero! I was very stable on cubase 10, but 10.5 was a nightmare, not sure 100% sure, if that was because of cubase 10.5 or windows update.
because when I installed Windows 10 Version 20H2 all the issues with instability disappeared.