Thank You Steinberg for making me lose business....

I’m having a licensing issue with Symphonic Orchestra…the activation just hangs…and thanks to the fact that you can’t get anybody on the phone for support to help fix the problem…I have missed a deadline and lost a client because of it…I WILL ABSOLUTELY BE CHANGING PLATFORMS AND NEVER DEALING WITH STEINBERG AGAIN!!!

I have been having issues since I bought it in the Valentines Sale. I have owned it for two weeks and not been able to use it yet !! Have contacted Steinberg 5 x times trying to arrange a telephone session.

That’s very annoying it has cost you work.

I gotta ask how it happened that you offered to do work for a customer with a VSTi that you had yet to install.

Anyway, the reason for my post is not only to be snarky- so back on topic:

Are you certain you have the latest version of the elicenser software? I’ve never seen the elicenser hang while downloading a license. though I suppose ymmv.

monsterjazzlicks- what problem are you having?

The next thing I think of is, do you realize that it’s a library that runs from within Halion Sonic SE (or any Halion actually)? I remember confusion about that a while back.

Hitting the nail squarely on the head!

It is quite common to take a job on and then source the materials at a later date. Whether it be live musicians, musical charts for a recording date, or (dare I say it) software.

For instance, if BwBridger was working on a cruise ship and was approached by a caberet act to record some backing tracks, and the genre was a type that needed SOUNDS which BwBridger did not possess, and could not purchase/download because of having no internet connection whilst at sea, then he could agree to make the backing tracks (and obviously purchase the required software) once he arrived back home on dry land. He may also ask for a deposit from the caberet artist and therefore enter into a contract of sorts.

I am sure the situation was quite a different scenario but I think you can get my drift of how making an agreement and purchasing the required tools afterwards could quite easily arise.

Hi Steve,

Yes, you were helpful in your replies last year to my posts regarding HALion Sonic etc, thank you.

I have the HSO contents in :-

C / User / App Data / Roaming / Steinberg / Content / HALion / VST Sound.

I followed all the installation prompts and ok’d the default storing preferences as they appeared.

And its registered to my eLicensor (which I did have an issue with but it’s resolved now).

But it won’t show up in my Cubase (ie F11 - VSTi’s Window).

I emailed Steinberg a few times requesting help in the preferred form of remote-access but I am assuming they must be very busy all the time. Probably I have done something wrong but in any case I do feel my request justifies some help. I am guessing it will be this week coming that they get back to me to arrange a time and date.



Deja vu all over again! :wink: Hope you get it sorted.

Do you mean that it won’t show up as an option when you choose an instrument to load in the rack slot?
HSO won’t show up in your VSTi rack because it is not a standalone instrument. It is only a library that shows up in HALion, HALion Sonic, or HALion Sonic SE.
In the VSTi rack, select one of those and then look for the HSO library within those instruments.


Hi Jaslan,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had tried that (originally) a couple of weeks ago (hence to say I forgot to mention it yesterday). Personally. I think I must have just done something (simple !) wrong during the INTSTALATION process. Hopefully it will get sorted this week and I can move on.

As I say, I did have issues with registering it to the eLicensor but that has now been rectified.



I have read thru some other posts on here and on here and I am wondering if I mistakingly did not check the ALLOW FOR ALL USERS box during the installation (as other members mention this as a potential hazard) . If so, is there a way I can change it, or do I have to install it again from fresh?

My two cents worth might help…
I did have all of these problems; very frustrating. I called tech support, left a message and had a response in about two hours.
Here’s something that really confused me about Halion Symphonic Orchestra until I spoke with tech support…it is ‘not’ a stand alone instrument; it is additional sounds that are to be accessed through Halion Sonic 2(SE). So…
Add an instance of HSSE to your instrument rack.
When searching, be sure to turn on the ‘filters’ tab so that the ‘categories’ are visible.
At the top of the first category list (in blue) on the left, there is a dropdown menu; go to submenu ‘Audio - Assets’; continue to a second submenu and then set it to “Library Name”. Now you will see your Halion Symphonic Orchestra library.
From there, select like any other instrument.

I have another problem, if anyone reads this thread that has gotten beyond this problem.
I have a midi ‘strings’ track for HSO, but when I export to audio, the audio level is like -40db. I have the audio fader and the midi fader at 0 and the velocities are quite high on the file. What am I missing here?

Thanks Edi,

Great to hear from you mate !!

That’s very good you got a response from Steinberg in two hours. I hope you manage to get your HSO Volume issue sorted.

I got a reply today suggesting that I UNINSTALL everything and they will post me hard copy discs of the software. Which is helpful and appreciated but I did not really want to have to do that again for 6 x programs (unless it’s the only way). The issues started mostly when I installed HALion Sonic 2 (trial). I still think the problems can be sorted via a 30 x mins remote-access session.

One of the things I was wondering was that if I had inadvertently not ticked the “FOR ALL USERS” box when installing, is it possible to change this setting without having to reinstall it again from new ??



Seems the poster has not replied so maybe he really has abandoned Steinberg !! ?? :unamused:

Thanks Paul.
It’s probably best to go to a more general thread regarding my midi-to-audio output level.
Cheers all,

I updated from Cubase 5.x to 7 and so never had Cubase 6 installed. With the installation of C5 however, HSO was included. This is a standalone Instrument, and can also be used outside of Cubase. It reminds one of an early prototype of Halion Sonic (which it may well be) but very quirky and I’ve always found it complicated and difficult to use.

Once the HSO Trial ended I licensed the software - the license is still registered. When I installed C7, the HSO was retained, so I can still add it onto a track (but as I said I find the interface difficult - Halion frontend would suit me better)

I understand that as of Cubase 6.x, HSO was integrated directly into Halion Sonic SE.
My question is how do I go about getting this integration? I’ve got Cubase 7.5.10 plus a Halion Sonic Orchestra license. Where do I get the Library? Halion doesn’t appear to be able to read the HSO library that was installed.

I am fairly certain that the HSO VST Sound Set content that works in HSSE, HS, and H, is a different format than what came with HSO. It came with my Cubase 6 on either one or two separate disks. I can’t find it now, but I remember reading that HSO owners get a free license for HSO VST Sound Set. I don’t know if you need a new, upgraded license or if it accepts the old, HSO license.

You should contact support. I have seen them help people who didn’t have the disks. They should also be able to provide you with the necessary license.


Yah, I’ll contact support. :wink:

It appears you can download the content:

Good luck mate ! :smiley:

Thanks Steve, I’ll look into that. :wink: