Thank you Steinberg for update

Thanks for continuing to support your hardware. (It would be decent if Yamaha would do the same with Studio Manager.) It makes all the difference for future purchases when a piece of gear is dependent on an OS to work.

The MR816 remains one of my best pieces of gear.


Yes, thanks Steinberg. Continuing to support legacy hardware shows real commitment to customers and gives buyers confidence that their purchase won’t become obsolete in a couple of years.

Here’s hoping the MR816 continues to be supported in to the future as it’s a great piece of kit.

What ulesto & Krell said and please continue to support through windows 11, 12, etc as I love my MR816´s and would hate to have to abandon them due to no software support.
Thanks team.

Was very happy to get this update. It seems Firewire is fading away, even though it has been superior to USB. I want to hang on to the successfully functioning setup that I have, both on my desktop computer for composing, mixing, and mastering, and my old XP laptop, for recording offsite. Both of which use my MR816CSX.

I installed the upgrade, and then Win 10, and it’s all working fine. The MR816CSX continues to be highly reliable, rugged, and top quality. I’m hoping I can get a few more years out of this setup.

Thanks, Steinberg.


Me too!

A pleasant surprise that preserves my investment.



I echo the thanks too! Always said driver updates for older equipment pays dividends with customers. Established users can sell older gear for new , and the folk buying second hand get a great experience and update eventually themselves.

After downsizing to a smaller interface I had a unexpected job which required more inputs. I pulled my old MR816 csx out of storage and hooked it up to a Mac laptop running ElCap. Had to use a lightning to FireWire adapter and an 800 -400 FireWire cable so I wasn’t expecting it actually work!

I installed the new divers fresh ( no previous install ) and under Cubase 8.03 everything worked great! I was recording classical instruments and I’d forgotten how detailed the preamps are on the MR. It’s a great interface!