Thank you Steinberg

I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days…and pro24 before that, so I’ve experienced the many ups and downs of a Cubase user during the last 20+ years.

I’ve ranted on these forums just like many others, I’ve complained about terrible bugs, unimplemented features, non-existant support. I’ve been fustrated by the lack of communication from SB on these very forums. I’ve cursed when they dropped DX plugs, seemingly without warning. I’ve despaired at their lack of support for hardware more than 5 minutes old…In fact at times during that period I admit I was a little embarassed to be a Cubase user. Ranked down there amongst the pirates and hackers. Every so often I would look up and think how green the grass seemed in the shiny and professional Protools field.

When people would ask what DAW software I was running I would lower my voice, cough then whisper,. . . . Cubase…on a PC. And then look away, ashamed, their mocking laughs ringing in my ears.

But no longer - I’m pleased and proud to be a Cubase user

I think Cubase and Steinberg are in better shape now than they have ever been and it just seems to get better and better. Sure, they make mistakes. They tweak features that were working perfectly and make them slightly worse, they spend vast programming resources implementing features nobody asked for or even wants . . . . .BUT. . . . . .Look at what they have delivered. It’s bl**dy fantastic - I don’t think I’ve had a crash or glitch any kind with cubase 6 - the workflow is amazing - they have been supporting 64 bit long before others - the GUI is clean and mature - the routing is ‘almost’ infinitely flexible - the ‘free’ included plugs are absolutely first rate.

They respond ‘fairly’ regularly on the forums - they seem concerned when features don’t work - they post hints and tips - they are responsive to user requests. I could go on !

I know there will be users who have systems that are causing problems. And some (but not all !) of these problems are caused by SB software. Users who say that they have implemented some feature incorrectly, users who say that they need a feature that isn’t included, users who say the focus of the product is wrong…in fact some of those users will soon appear below this post to explain how Cubase 6 has ruined their life…but I think if you gave some of those same users a brand new Ferrari as a gift and they would say that they find the seat uncomfortable, they don’t like the colour, the steering wheel is on the wrong side. Those people have a glass that is permanently half empty, they do not realise that they are living through a Golden Age.

Today I noticed that they are still planning on releasing a bugfix for v6 so I thought, why upgrade to 6.5 ? Until I saw the price. . . . .£42. Where I live it costs more than that to buy a round of drinks…it was a no brainer.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this, but I have experience managing multimillion pound software development so I like to think I understand a little of what might be going on at Steinberg HQ. I have spent far too many years working with autodesk and before that discreet(logic) systems that cost around the same as buying a reasonable size apartment in Notting Hill. Those systems were more buggy and troublesome than what is currently coming out from SB …so I just wanted to say:

“Thanks Steinberg - you hard work is very much appreciated”

now I will shut up and let those with a glass half empty begin their complaining.

+1 Great post - glass is quite full, actually :sunglasses:

Agree 100%

Have to say that when I originally read it was a paid for upgrade, I was a little annoyed, but when I realised what I got for the money (and that there was also a free bug fix upgrade coming next week for those not wanting the extra stuff), as you say, it’s a no brainer.

I look at it more like,

They released V6

They’ve decided to release an updated version to keep up with the competition, hence if you went out next month and brought Cubase, you would get 6.5 with the included extras.

They’ve given existing users the choice of getting this dirt cheap or continuing as before.

Brilliant post!
For success and a glass always half-full!

+1, Cubase does everything I need. Maybe not perfectly, it could be smoother or easier, but it does everything I need.
SB employees are often on here, which is part of why I’m here as well.

Currently enjoying a more than half-full glass :sunglasses:


… My cup runneth over.

Surely updates and feature requests will follow me all the daws of my life,
And I shall dwell in the forums of Steinberg … with a little KVR and GSlutz on the side.


Yup … I agree.

The Yamaha/Steinberg partnership is working out really well… I never would have thought.

But Cudos to SB … they have palpably strived to improve communication with us since the beginning of these ‘new’ forums. Announcing update schedules, hot fixes for those who need them, occasional comments and even reaching out to some members for more information about issues that need attention.

It is simply a great way to do business.


What are the extras in 6.5 then?

2 new synths, Retrologue and Padshop, and three new filters.

Also native FLAC and SoundCloud linkage.



thanks como

Yes I’m very pleased with where Steinberg has been going as a company and the direction they’ve been taking with Cubase. Bravo

Yeah, I LOVE CUBASE!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Appropriate 400th post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, well done Steinberg!

+1. I’m largely pleased with C6.


Thank you Steinberg!

Thank you all! It’s good to hear some positive comments every once in a while! :slight_smile:

+1 the whole C6 experience has been an absolute joy!