Thank You Steinberg

I’ve been playing with the mixer

Putting the channel strip inserts on the master only, with the ethos of ‘if you had limited budget, in the days of hardware only’ - basically if you had limited gear you’d use it on the master

I’ve only just stopped playing its 3:00 am !!. I’ve been able to get fat sounding mixes with a few clicks and tweaks, must have loaded up 3 old projects and breathed a new life into the bottom end…its amazing… all that full but clean bump that you want… its all there in the kick drum, And I only use drum machines you guys that record real drums will love this channel strip, its so quick to get what you want and its like using outboard gear.

So Impressed, I’ll stay at it till 4:00, then call it a day :smiley:

That’s great to hear, Steinberg you give new meaning to christmas joy!

Next Xmas can we have HAL5 (probably will be hold out until then, as many 3rd party VST’s are now 64bits).

Im very happy as well! C7 and a brand new UR824 for an early xmas :smiley:

In my opinion, I came from Pro Tools…I found Cubase 6 & 6.5 to be very impressive which made Pro Tools seem like a toy (not to compare) but Cubase 7…It’s Da Bomb!


I love it it’s the best… :smiley:

People seem to be happy. I am too. I can’t tell you how pleased I am about this great new version. Steinberg really seems to care about their customers and while many software companies do only minor changes for the “new versions”, Steinberg overhauled everything to a whole new level!

Amazing, amazing, amazing job Steinberg!