Thank you STEINBERG!!!!!

Wow wow and WOW. Cubase 7 is plain amazing. What else can I say… This is completely redesigned and as long as I have been using Steinberg products, this is the most major update yet. It has all the features I have been wishing for + so much more.

People are so typical in a way that they nag about how the new look is this and that but I think it looks great. Simply amazing. I can’t understand why people always have to be supposedly “disappointed” about new things. I personally think that Steinberg has done an AMAZING job with the new Cubase 7. It’s wonderful how they manage to supersede your expectations. I couldn’t even imagine how creative and innovative the new mix console could be and now I really don’t long for the older 6.5 anymore.

With Adobe products, Steinberg products are the most valuable investment that I ever did. And I don’t have any negative things to say about this wonderful product.

The only thing that I can’t find are ALL the tutorial videos for Cubase 7. I can surely find videos in YouTube but they are not organized in any way. I would like to have a COMPLETE LIST of all the tutorial videos available and maybe even download them. I might appear stupid not being able to find them but can you help?

I can’t understand why people always have to be supposedly “disappointed” about new things

IMHO Computers = Change


+1 also. It is taking a little bit to get used to the new mixer, but love the direction where Cubase 7 is going.

absolutely loving it even with those small glitches to iron out ,it certainly is a great update !

Agreed. Well done Steinberg

My C7 upgrade arrived today, but was promptly wrapped and placed under the crimbo tree :open_mouth: , so it will be a “few” days yet before I get to try it out, but it looks good, and for so long I’ve wanted track icons! :slight_smile: The other features look great as well.

I have a habit of removing the DVD and reg key before allowing wrapping :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You’ve got to fast in my house, and I failed! :smiley:

Fasting can be good before christmas - so you can really pig out at christmas dinner…

I’m also very happy with Cubase 7, especially the new mixer is amazing.

Thank you all for the positive feedback! :slight_smile: Still, there is work to do and the first result should be available within next week.

Mindastray, check the Youtube link in my signature to find at least our tutorial videos.