Thank you Steinberg!

Dear Steinberg,

I just wanted to say thanks for developing an awesome tool, without which much of what I do would not be possible at worst and at best would be considerably more difficult to do in other DAW’s. I’m invested in seeing Cubase improve and I believe some features can be easier to use and more cohesive. But overall I can’t find another DAW that even remotely works the way I want it to. Cubase is a whiteboard that responds the way I want it to. And for that I am very grateful!

In 2015 I composed by night and by day managed the support department for a software company while working with a UX designer and programmers to improve software. I know first hand how difficult it is to develop and balance diverse customer input to innovate effective solutions. Cubase, like every other piece of software in existence, has its bugs and some take a long time to work out or get to. Prioritization is crucial to managing that. But ultimately, I’ve been able to write music, score films, commercials, and themes with Cubase all this time and the bottom line is that it’s all really about making music, which it helps us do very well. Expression Maps and Midi are my favorite things. And despite having had to make a tool to make Expression Maps easier to mass-create, I have to recognize that no other DAW even has this feature aside from Cubase! So good on you!

Others may have different feedback and I don’t doubt that their feedback may contain constructive information. But I feel compelled to state how pleased I am with this software. I’ve been frustrated before, but the more I think about it the more I realize how much Cubase has helped me accomplish. I truly take it for granted every day. And for that I feel that expressing appreciation is long overdue.

So again, thank you for your hard work. Keep it up!


Aloha S,

Well stated.

I have been using this product since 1993 and with it I have
1-made a living,
2-put my daughter thru school, and
3-bought a home here on Maui all by using Cubase.

To be fair, in order to be compatible with other studio’s, ProTools is also in the mix
but by far Cubase has been my main ax.

Being a real ‘Midiot’, (I am a MIDI guitarist) IMHO no other DAW comes close to how Cubase handles the MIDI protocol
and when it comes to scoring because of some help from a couple of users on this board, I will never have to touch Finalé
or Sibelius again (and have not done so for over two years).

Another kool thang; Since Cubase is cross platform, the view is the same everywhere.
I can work on a Mac or PC and still get work done.

And talk about stability, I also use Cubase in a live setting every weekend
and have done so since SX3.

Steiny and Cubase rocks!

My 2cents

+1, and if I were forced to give one word why I use Cubase, it would be “MIDI”.
Often copied, never equalled.


Cubase is lovely:)

Thanx team steiny and fellow classmates;)

Just had a bump-in with ardour (we didnt do anything and she came onto me… Really, Nothing happened… Pls dont look at me like that…) -> i behaved.

Anywho, it made me apprectiate you even more, dear cubase…

Cant wait to see you in your new dress for your “divine 9th” birthday…
Good times.