Thank you team - one last request though!

This is really great - I might start using Dorico for some actual production work now. The repeat endings & other write & engraving improvements are incredibly helpful (though the chord symbol stuff is less important to me).

I was also pleased to see in Daniel’s blog that cues should eventually be implemented before the last update to version 1.x, so I only really have one issue now…

Can I put in a plea that at some stage in version 1 updates the final tempo % for Gradual Tempo Change items (rits, ralls, etc) is enabled? At the moment the option still remains frustratingly greyed out. It’s useful when preparing a new piece for performance to produce a rehearsal recording or CD so that the other players have a rough idea how it goes, & not being able to control these gradual tempo changes is a bit of a drawback for those pieces in which they occur.

But congratulations Daniel & team for such a good piece of work!

I will talk to Paul about properties for gradual tempo changes and we’ll see what we can do. Glad you’re otherwise liking the Dorico 1.1 update so far.

Many thanks Daniel!