Thank you team!

In this days I’m working a lot with Dorico 3 and I’m more and more fascinated …
Thank you Team, you have made wonderful software!!!

Thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation. It means a lot to us.

Yes, it’s very easy to only post here about minor quibbles and wish lists, but I’m currently experiencing actual joy while I’m working on a piece in Dorico.

I’ve recently assigned ‘consecutive key’ shortcuts (one key followed by another) to create a series of keys for Filtering (Command F, then N for Notes; or U for Cues; or X for Text, etc.)

That, plus lyric pasting and the use of Comments mean I’m absolutely flying.

Thank you Daniel!!!

Benwigghy, I don’t know assigned consecutive Key…
I’ll try It in the manual!

I’m not sure it’s documented in the manual, because it’s a quirk of the Qt framework rather than an intentional Dorico design decision.
Just go Preferences > Key Commands, choose the function you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to. Then click the shortcut field and type one shortcut immediately followed by another shortcut. If you’ve done it correctly they’ll show on one line, separated by a comma.

I did not know it was a quirk, I thought it was a feature ! I love this thing, especially for filtering… I use cmd F for filtering, and add l for all lyrics, b for all breaks, etc… so easy to remember and super efficient.

Thank you very much! Great!

I also wish to congratulate the team! You’re on the right track, in my opinion. Speaking for myself, I have to say that I’ve been investing in this software, more than actually using it. So this means that, for me, Dorico is not yet completely ready for prime time. The interface is still a bit slow and its architecture is still a bit rigid… It feels as if I can’t move freely within the software yet; I can’t do everything I used to do in Sibelius. But I’m sure this will be sorted out. I wish the team a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Keep up the work to finish your artwork: Dorico as the golden standard of music notation software.

all best!

Joy is a word I use constantly when referring to Dorico …

Game changer!!!

Yes, I’d like to add my voice of congratulations, and Xmas wishes, to the whole wonderful team!