Thank You to the Dorico Team

I’m not sure if this is normal for a forum post; However, I’d really like to thank the Dorico Development Team. Dorico is already an absolutely amazing software and it’s still being developed through updates. On top of that, the team has been expanding the software to other platforms such as Dorico for iPad. I’ve only been using Dorico for a few months and I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing program. I also can’t forget about how responsive the team and others are in the forum. When I couldn’t afford to buy Dorico, John Barron extended my trial until I was able to. I haven’t had many issues with Dorico and when I have, it was solved almost immediately by the forum users.

Thank you Dorico Team!

Edit: I’m quite excited for Dorico 4, but please take your time! It will be great; It’s in the right hands!


I agree. Dorico is very easy to use, very stable and very functional.
Having obtained my degree in music engraving over 10 years ago on finals, I prefer to work on Dorico because it offers me more flexibility.
Congratulations also to the Dorico team.

On this forum, it actually is not that unusual.


I’d just like to say 10/10 for condensing (amongst other great features)

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