Thanking posts

On a forum meta note:

:nerd: I for one would love to see members utilize the “thank” or (thumbs up) feature rather than clutter each and every post with tons of +1s. None of my business to say so, but it is a useful feature that is generally implemented on forums like this one expressly to facilitate the expression of agreement and/or gratitude without littering the thread with +1 type posts which do not contribute materially to the topic at hand.

Rant over, back to Dorico!

[I suppose if this topic is deemed litter or rubbish the moderators will not hesitate to delete it.]

Oh it’s too tempting to +1 this but I won’t. Having said that I just did. I don’t really mind +1 to be honest.

I’ve looked for the Thank option but can’t see it.

It’s the thumbs up next to the quote button. :sunglasses:


Ah, our first netiquette thread! Shall we go for 100 posts, then perhaps Daniel can delete it :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 15.05.56.png

Nope, can’t see it.

Hi Michael–

How does one attach an image here as you did?

I had taken a small screen grab of the thumbs up and wanted to post it, but couldnt see how.

Thanks much Bob


Click upload attachment
Choose file
Add the file
Place inline


Thanks so much DG…and yes I also used the thumbs up here :slight_smile: Bob

I honestly thought someone would. :laughing: