Thanks Everone!

Gday All.

I have just finished a whole bunch of songs that have been floating around my studio for a looooong time and they sound bloody fantastic!! I just want to thank everyone who has helped this old muso who is very new to DAW stuff in helping me get this music out and sounding great! I couldn’t have done it without the help of this forum. Up until a year ago I was really struggling with my standalone equipment in getting the sound I needed with the budget I had, but Cubase has sorted it out, I’m sure another DAW would have done it as well but I can only speak for this one. It has taken awhile to work it all out ( and I’ve only just scatched the surface!) but I am still amazed at what these things can do!

I know Cubase has it’s issues, because I read about them on this forum but in this early stage of my love affair with Cubase and plugins, I haven’t had any yet (touch wood). I’m sure in a few more years when I’m more educated on what this thing does I will have complaints myself but until then…happy days!

Again thanks everyone!

Great Post and I’m glad things are working well for you. I’ve been with Cubase going on just over two years now and moving to it has been a tremendous learning experience as well as a creative inspiration. I’ve taken a systematic approach and continue to do so. The forum posts have been and continue to be an invaluable resource for learning.

Good luck with your work. :slight_smile: