Thanks for a great update Steinberg!

This one feels like they actually really listened to their customers instead of trying to tell us what features we want. :slight_smile: Finally being able to range select automation and easily change volume, etc! And curves! The offline processing seems interesting as well.

This is the best update in 5 years for me, since V7

2 features I have been waiting 15 years for… every new version of cubase, I was always hoping for Automation Improvements and More inserts… and I get them both at once! :slight_smile:

One thing they need to add is the ability to save all the individual effect chains in a mix with one click. And fix the the way effect chains are stored and retrieved. Sometimes I have 40 to 50 tracks and I save all effect chains. Because many times I have the same sounds, samples that were used in different mixes. Saving them one at a time is very time consuming. Or they need to add to the existing import tracks from other projects by adding the extra option to just import the settings and effects of individual tracks. Can’t complain too much still The best Daw on the planet in my opinion.

Yes, there are a few things that make me even happy. The VU meter on the right, saves me having a plugin open for this. Would be even better if i had a tuner over there, but still using a plugin for that. The GUI seems to be snappy and faster. I worked last night for a few hours and no problems at all, timing midi and latency is still very much ok. And i am stil watching the video’s of C9.5 to grasp what has been new and changed. For now i am happy with this update C9.5 and after install and running a few times, all seems to be working. Also i like the media bay folder on the right.

Very satisfying to leave positive comments. This upgrade is by far the best one in a long time. Apart from the major enhancements (hallelujah Bezier curves!) everything looks and FEELS better. Worked all day yesterday and enjoyed every second of it. No crashes, snappy GUI, automation improvements,DOP and insert slots, Man! Christmas was early this year. Great job Steinberg.

Agreed! Good update so far. A few needed improvements to come but I am pretty pleased I have to say.

Great update. Runs super smooth for me. Thanks, Steinberg. Hope to see more feature requests implemented.

Can almost cry, thát good!

Is the vu meter on the right in Artist 9.5?

Denis, can you point me to the VU Meter? I’d be really excited to use this, but I’m not seeing it.

Yes!!! A great update! Loving the new workflow features and super stable here!! :smiley:

I completely agree. Used it all day, and had a blast. Really love the new improvements.

Thank you!

A very nice update. Chapeau Steinberg!

Yes - complete big thanks to SB from here in rural Oxfordshire, UK.

Not at my machine today, and actually pining for it…!!

I traded PMs with Denis. He says, “It is the master Vu Meter on the Right Tab… Where it says VSTi/ STudio / Meter… .etc. … Open Cubase 9.5 and the right window with VSTi has on the right the Vu meter + LUFS etc.”

In the zone with tabs for VSTi, Media, CR and Meter, under Meter, I have options to view a master meter and also a loudness meter.

The loudness meter measures LUFS (Loudness Units, derivative of RMS) but I don’t see an option to use Volume Units.

A LU (loudness units) or a LUFS (loudness units related to full scale) meter is not a VU (volume units) meter. Based upon all documentation and videos I’ve seen, plus my own use, there is not a VU meter in Cubase 9.5, but Denis says there is.

Does anyone else see a VU meter in Cubase 9.5? If so, please point me to it, as I’d be excited to utilize it.

I recently sold my copy of Cubase Pro, but when I saw this update, I bought Cubase again…Finally they got the automation curves happening and the metronome happening…I’m so happy with this update…I was very frustrated with those 2 things…but they finally addressed them, there are still a few things I’d like to see improved, but it seems as if they are finally listing to their customers…so I’ll just keep the positive vibe going
Thanks Steinberg !

Indeed, great update!

  • The increased number insert channels has been on my wishlist since Cubase SX… :wink: Extremely handy when doing sound design and complex chains.
  • The new curve system is really useful. I do hope the new curves system does not apply to the MIDI edit… Maybe have to change my workflow.

Yep, thanks SB! The FX slots increase is just so useful, and the curves and automation improvements are great. Stability is good too, I’m using it on day-long sessions and it’s performing well.


One week in and not a single crash for me. Projects open and close so swiftly.

The GUI was greatly improved, specially for us Mac users.

This is by far the most stable version of Cubase.
Thanks Steinberg! Keep up the good work.

I agree this update has been all about workflow and ‘Pro’ use app improvement which is exactly what it needs. Theres still a road to go though