Thanks for direct entering of cues!

I love the new cue function—thank you all for making it not only workable but elegant. And I particularly like being able to enter cue-like bars directly, without copying them from some other already-entered material.

Among other things, I’m a trumpet player who doesn’t play orchestral rep often enough to be comfortable with a couple of the transpositions, particularly E trumpet. So I just make a part for C trumpet by either scanning the music in or by entering it directly in E transposition, changing the instrument to C trumpet, and formatting as necessary.

Here’s my point: If there’s a bar with, say, an oboe cue a couple of bars before my entrance, now I can just enter them in down-stem voice, scale the notes to cue size in the properties panel, and we’re good to go. (I was getting really tired of looking at diamond-shaped note heads, just to get something smaller!)

So thanks so much for approaching this with the typically thorough thinking that we’ve become used to from you guys.

Thanks, Lew, I’m glad you will find the cue features useful.