Thanks for nothing

created a ticket on thursday because your shitty elicenser told me that i dont have a license anymore for no reason… NOTHING CHANGED

i did not get a reply since THURSDAY

i cant use the software i PAID for.

thats so nice of you… taking my money and than spitting in my face…

its effing pathetic what you have turned into…

i have no other words left for that disgusting behavior.

ban me like you do with every other user who dares to step out of your narrativ…

This is a mostly a user driven forum. This could be the wrong place to post such things.

If you need/want our help, you need to describe your problem more detailed.
At least the platform, the OS version and the Cubase version would be needed.

personally, if you are expecting help from your fellow Cubase users, I’d keep it civil

I find it amusing/ironic that your only other post on this forum is to call the for the banning of another user, because of a post they made in 2019 :smiley:


Are you attempting to launch Cubase 11 or Cubase 12. Cubase 12 no longer utilizes the eLicenser…Steinberg Activation Manager is used instead: Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg

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