Thanks for the 8.010 release update

Even though its not released yet, I really like the idea of Steinberg letting us know when they plan on releasing the next update. Far too often companies leave us hanging out to dry…wondering when they would update of software. I, for one, go to the forum 2/3 times a day looking to see if the new update has dropped. I know…I’m nutty like that. Maybe this is a new practice by Steinberg that will let me get back to making music…instead of clicking the favorites button on my browser.

The advance notice is appreciated here as well.
To me it indicates a degree of respect or regard for the user base.

Also agree. :slight_smile:

Frequent communication with the customers is what “world class customer support” is all about.

Regards. :sunglasses:



+1 :slight_smile: I’m glad the MCU will get fixed. The crossfade doesn’t remember default curve and the cursor zoom horizontally bug is driving me crazy. Please fix them!

Agreed. It’s nice to have a window into the behind-the-scenes operations. I think everybody wins in this scenario.

Communication is always good. Hanging in there!

It’s hard need for some guys by now… I mean I can’t even use the dropdown menus of my sampler. Luckily I already found my settings. But just to imagine this wait some people encounter is ridiculous. 8 is still the best upgrade ever. The performance boost is real.

+1 its welcome you posted the news Guillermo (delay or otherwise…!)

(don’t forget the ‘thank’ button folks…)

Thanks for what exactly? Thanks for a delay in fixing what they should have got right in the first place? Steinberg have often informed us when an update is imminent. What I don’t see is any “sorry for the delay folks”.
I was patient with the advent of C7 and appreciated that the many changes that were introduced would take time to bed in.
I was surprised by the number of fundamental errors in C8. Many of my vsti’s are broken. For instance I cannot change the kit pieces in BFD3 as well as the fiddly drop-down menu work-around. The click does not work. Automap no longer works with 8 and I can’t use MCI.
You are right I am a fool. I bought a new computer and only set it up with 8. There are many things I love about 8 and I am sure it will be great when finally sorted, but I think Steinberg have not been very forthcoming with acknowledgement of these issues. I will certainly not upgrade next time until I am sure the new version is working as it should.

If they get the very small quirks worked out, Ill be super happy… simple things like: windows resetting after close… inspectors params changing and so on… loving 8

They had to inform us of this delay, because SB reps had previously stated elsewhere that this update would be ready for the end of February. I was rather hoping for a less vague list of fixes, tbh.

Like others, I spend my a couple times a day checking for Cubase 8 update news, so the info is welcome. Now that I know, I won’t come back here till mid March. Having said that, I think mid March is when they should have released Cubase 8 - tested and functioning. Headsup Steinberg - like other users, I also will not be a paying beta tester for you again.
With future versions I will wait until you have released, updated and worked out all the kinks. When everyone reports that it is indeed functioning like the professional software it should be then maybe I’ll upgrade.

Yeah, I’m still P.I.S.S.E.D off. (I’m not allowed to write it as a word in the forum) Cubase 8 is sitting on my desktop as total useless junk at the moment. I’ve had to return to Cubase 7.5.30 (with all it’s flaws - at least I CAN make music)

I hope Steinberg comes to its senses and fires the imbeciles who are making decisions which tarnish the reputation of a great programme. To whomever authorized the release of this dysfunctional unfinished unusable version of my favourite programme, let me say quite clearly and unapologetically - you are a scoundrel sir, or madam. Shame on you. I’ll be the first to cheer if I know who you are, and I hear that they’ve kicked you out of the company.
See U. Be back in March.

What possible reason could you have to call people names?

I’ll send you a forum warning also. Complain all you want, but personal attacks are not welcome.

It’s a shame that reactions are un-mature, but then we have people from 12 years old till 90 years !
Most of the time I do not even take the effort to react because of all the shouting, please please!!!


I was very glad to see Steinberg communicate the delay. It’s easy to share updates when everything is going well. The true test is when things aren’t.


As much as I’d like to just say “thanks Steiny” I can’t. You took my money and sold me a broken product which I can’t use. You either know it was broken or you should have known it was broken, but in either case, it is broken. Maybe it will be usable after the next round of fixes, maybe not… who knows at this point.
I know what I won’t be buying next time.

I am also looking forward to this update
Along with many I`ve had no use out of 8 due to its short comings but have limped along with 7.5 making my living
Unlike some however I will always buy the latest and greatest in order to support the company but I have to point out that this particular release Cubase 8, has since my earliest involvement with the company and I go all the way back to CUBIT has had the longest time between purchase and daily use in this personal empire.


+1 on thanks for the communication of where we are. I find myself wishing the loudest complainers here would try Pro Tools to understand what real frustration from users is.

Loving 8.0.5, looking forward to the next round of bug fixes though.

You are probably right. However complaining performs an important function in the development of any service. People often get the wrong idea about what complaining is. Many individuals mistake complaint for personal abuse or a tirade of unpleasant invective.

Complaint at it’s best, is a two way dialogue where the two parties learn more about each others position and come to some kind of understanding. I think that many users, and I include myself in this group, are people who genuinely love Cubase and want only the best for it’s future. This does not mean that they all want the same future. Steinberg’s difficulty has been the need to modernise the software and make it compatible with possible future developments. The mixer has been a prominent example of this. Witness the polarised opinions as a result.

Personally I think that much of the debate on the Forum has been healthy. The developers have got a few priorities wrong from my perspective and with the imperative to be seen moving forward, have dropped the ball with regard to some bread and butter issues. Do I mind beta testing Cubase? Not at all when it comes to new and innovative functions - but not when it comes to creating problems with things that worked very well in previous versions like the click and other straightforward issues.

Does this mean I would abandon Cubase? Most definitely not. Will I be a bit more wary about immediate upgrading? Most likely yes. Let’s face it Cubase is probably the most powerful and complete DAW out there and I feel that we are doing aur bit to make sure it stays that way.