Thanks for the hard work you all put into the app!

Just wanna say thanks for what you all do!!!

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Thanks for the kind feedback, which the team will appreciate!

& stay safe

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@LSlowak adding my voice to the “thank you chorus” Lars.

No matter which features you do include in a release, there will be a phalanx of customers angry you didn’t include their pet features. Every software release breaks existing features, which are generally fixed fairly quickly after users give specific descriptions of the problems (I run pre-sales solutions engineering for a SaaS company, so I live this).

Again Lars, thank you for your patience with us, your user community, and for your diligent efforts. No software is perfect, but Cubasis is pretty darn good!

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Hi @dovjgoldman,

Thanks for the kind words!

Being a musician and photographer myself I’m well aware about the feeling if things fail to function as expected, resulting in taking away my focus. And the team is already focussing on ironing out the issues introduced with 3.4.1.

Thanks again
& stay safe,