Thanks for the lanes

Just installed 6.5 and it appears lanes are back to how they were, phew! Thanks a lot Steinberg for that, my whole creative workflow was based on the old system

Keith, thanks for this post. You appear to be the first end-user to report on the new lanes features in 6.5. (Hooray! There should be some kind of prize for that honor :slight_smile:.

Can you explain more about how, as you say, “lanes are back to how they were”? From Steinberg’s 6.5 demo/marketing video, it seemed like they mostly added a “comping tool”, lane-specific soloing and a few other nice-to-haves - but nothing was mentioned about returning to the old way lanes work (e.g. cutting doesn’t cut all lanes at once; pre-existing comps don’t disappear when new takes are recorded; and so on).

More to the point: Is the “new” comping way introduced in C6.0x gone? Or is there a preference to go back and forth between the pre-C6 and post C6 methods? Or… did they develop a single hybrid sort of work flow, mixing the old and new? Do tell.

Very curious about all this, and will be following this and any related threads closely. I may finally be able to use C6.x with clients (fingers crossed).

As probably the most vocal and aggressive decrier of the “improved” Cubase 6 lanes, I can attest that they have reworked the functionality in quite an elegant way, such that the DEFAULT is to use the OLD lanes method … the one that worked as expected and held forward the operating paradigm of the tracks themselves. Scissors cut one event only, and clicking with the select tool … SELECTS the audio or MIDI event, rather than setting it to be the priority event in that track and muting all others.

The key NEW functionality is retaining the Cubase 6 lanes by way of the comping tool, which suddenly seems intuitive when I have a new TOOL for the new functionality, rather than a broken design implementation of the select tool.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this update so far. It refines the comping approach very elegantly, and is a feature the Nuendo people will be glad to see back as well (if it hasn’t been done already in some dot release).


Yep, without doing anything lanes seem to work exactly as they did previously. For comping you have a new hand tool

I’m still curious to hear how a comp is consolidated after a new lane has been added. There was mention of it in another thread (‘click on the master track’). But can someone shed some more light on this?
Situation: I tracked 3 takes of vocal, created a comp of those, but decide another take is needed. How is the current comp protected after - or before - tracking take #4?

Curious to hear about this too. And thanks for all the replies so far.

Thanks for clarifying. If indeed it’s that simple, then hooray! Sounds good to me.

Nicely put & my thoughts too on first fiddle !!
Thanks Steinberg.

Very very happy with the new comp system :smiley:

Wow…they listened!!

Very cool turn of events.


So ironic!!!

I’ve been writing to the support several times, asking if they would ever changing back the lane behaviour. And got no relpies back. I asn’t able to work with Cubase 6 at all - for me the lanes new behaviour was so “opposite”. I worked in Cubase 4 in the meantime.

But the support thing, really bugged me. Why weren’t they ever repliying, that “we are working on it or we are NOT working on it”. Nothing.

So Actually last week I had it - I switched to another DAW. It’s super customziable and user friendly, has the same features as Cubase - and costs 60 Dollars - about the same amount Steinberg are charging for an .5 update!

Bye Steinberg.

Looking at the “Bristling with new features and valuable enhancements” I must say I don’t see any that really stop me from using Cubase 6 and want to make the switch, apart from getting the Lanes back but I am not going to pay for that.

Why are they charging halfway through a term?

Yes, it’s working like that :slight_smile:



Thanks Helge, but is it possible that it only works with original takes having been recorded in 6.5? Cause I tried it last night on an existing (6.05) project, and clicking on the main track (either with normal pointer or comp hand) did NOT restore my original comp… :frowning:

As I said on the Nuendo forum, you have a short memory.
Upgrade C5 to C6 was 149€ instead of the usual 199€.
With the 50€ upgrade price for C6.5, you still haven’t paid a penny more than before.
Even better, the prices have not gone up for years.

But I am OT. So please don’t respond to this.
It is not my intention to highjack threads.


Well - the old method is not quite restored. If I mute the bottom lane the lane above doesn’t play. It’s still the muted track that shows in the master track. I have to use the comb tool to select the lane.

Love the new comping! :smiley:

Adjusting the Borders
•To adjust the border for all events or parts that share this border, click on the border and drag.

From the new 6.5 features on the Steinberg site.

You guys that have tried comping in 6.5 - does this mean there’s no way to move the border of one part on one lane without affecting borders in lanes higher up/lower down (if they happen to share the same border)?

Thanks -

Yes you can. You can’t do it with the new comb tool but the normal select tool works as it used to for each lane.