Thanks! - from The Stragglers

Hi all, just like to say a quick thanks to those that helped out with The Stragglers mixes over the last several months. :slight_smile:

The album is now complete, and I now have a box load of CD’s ready to collect dust along with all my past releases! :laughing: We’re actually having an official launch on Sunday at a local bar, so hopefully that will go well!


All the best with the launch Ian! :wink:




Now let’s just hope you don’t get “guested” for announcing the release here on the forums, like someone else we know. :wink: :laughing:

Best wishes!

Cheers fellas! :smiley:

It went well enough, at least people seemed to clap at the end of each song and no one walked out so… I guess that’s a good sign :sunglasses:

Good luck mate, it deserves to go viral :sunglasses:

Hope you sell tons and collect no dust!



So any more details? Thoughts? Pics?

How do ya feel?

Ironic that I being an enthusiastic photographer myself completely failed to think about organising photos or video! Doh! AND, as far as I know, not one person who attended took a single photo! :astonished:

Mind you I’ve been responsible for doing…oh let me see… pretty much everything else to do with the CD. Apart from the 6 pro tracks - I’ve done all the recording, production, mixing, mastering and then album artwork and organising (and paying for) duplications etc etc, so I’ll forgive myself for a few oversights :wink: All in all - many 100’s of hours.

As a body of work I think its technically my best effort so far and I’m pretty chuffed with the way the album sounds as a whole. There’s a few things that I’d perhaps tweak or have done differently in hindsight but you have to draw the line in the sand at some stage. Plus the date was set and the pressure was on!

I was in two minds actually whether to even bother with a CD. I had consider ‘21st Century’ alternatives - flash drive, iTunes download tokens (if there is such a thing??), but it seemed a CD still felt like it had some relevance… ?

So the launch itself was a low-key affair at a local bar that we play at regularly. We had a reasonable sound system with a sound guy on hand to look after the mix. And TWO drummers! We don’t currently have a permanent drummer, though we’re currently auditioning our tenth! Most never made it to the start line and several gave up, got busy of simply failed to show up! Not sure what it is about drummers - full of enthusiasm one minute and then suddenly lose interested or get too busy with other things the next. :confused:

Anyway… we played OK, and the gig seemed to be very well received. There were a few ‘moments’ but they seemed to go unnoticed. Shayne had invited a good number of friends and relatives, all of which turned up! I invited a bunch of folks, none of which turned up! :unamused: And then there were our circle of local muso friends and random punters to make up the numbers - a small intimate show with perhaps 30 or so people. We worked our way through most of the tracks on the CD and played for just over an hour. :sunglasses:

And of course CD sales… guess how many? :wink:

Um… three? :slight_smile:

keep guessing… :wink:

Well Ian, I have to say that regardless of sales, this collection of songs
is at least testament to the journey you’ve been on for the last couple of years.
Once was a time when you asked all and sundry ( :blush: ) to sing for you.
Those days seem a very long time ago now. :wink: Thankfully! :laughing:

Performing live, working constantly with others (well, Shayne at least)
and throwing your lot and faith in with a professional producer and all
that went with it, kudos and big ups from me. It has all been a great few

You are an entirely different and immeasurably more confident “Sherz”
to the one I first knew.


Thanks Jet. It’s true what you say. I remember only 5-6 years ago walking up on stage for the first time, in the background as a keyboard player for someone else, absolutely shittin’ myself! :astonished: And now… well, yeah - things sure have changed! :smiley:

Oh and yeah, to date total CD sales after the launch and two subsequent gigs = zero :laughing:

But, I have now hatched a new ‘21st century’ plan! :smiley: CD’s are definitely dinosaurs, thing of the past and in the circles we mix of interest to no one. BUT, QR codes, smartphone QR code reader apps and T-shirts are not :wink:

It works! :smiley:

Hi Ian,

I know this post was a few weeks ago now, but congrats!!
I don’t think I’ve helped you much in the past (sorry bout that) so let me turn the tables
and say ‘thanks’ for sharing your music and journey so far, I have no doubt there will be more to come :smiley:

Keep up the snare work! Sorry, I mean good work! :smiley:


All we need now is a well-endowed hot supermodel to wear one of the T-shirts… I was thinking the QR code should go on the front left of the shirt, but then the deformation may make it too difficult to scan? :laughing:


Actually… I’ve not been writing anything for quite a while now, been more distracted with my photography actually. I have been quite busy doing musical stuff ($) for others though. I new song AND video for a client of mine is currently in the works and hopefully finished soon. Well the music is actually done, but the video is taking a bit longer!