Thanks Steinberg

Just a word or two of thanks to the programmers at Stienberg for their great efforts on C6. Just installed last evening. No issues, smooth like silk. Stable and fresh.

After reading all the reviews since the announcement and launch, watching all the videos, both from SB and others, and reading all the praise and dissent here on the forum, it was great to finally have the product in front of me, a good feeling. Crisp display, much easier on the eyes, some great new plug-ins, and I love Elastique, spent most of the evening playing with that! Way cool.

Well done! Thank you very much!

Where in Canada did you get this? I pre ordered mine from Long and Mcquade here in Southern Ontario 2 weeks ago and still nothing!

Gear Music - its a little store in Oakville…

I ordered it on a Wednesday afternoon, had it Friday at noon. Nice folks there too.

Same here… Steinberg Canada apparently shipped units out before the end of January and on Feb. 2nd from Toronto… I wouldn’t think it would take more then a few days for the shipment to make it from Markham to Pickering, and then off to the stores.

I installed last night too and it’s running as smooth as butter. I have a project running at 90% and I just took 8 tracks of drums and quantized them in the matter of a couple of minutes while Cubase was running. Great job Steinberg this kills Beat Detective :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yup. Who is our dealer? Is it Music Marketing or ASK? I phoned L&M. They told me, Yamaha Canada told them it could be another 2 weeks before we see anything! WTF is that! I checked and it said on Jan. 31 that they had stock and they will be in the hands of dealers within a few days. Now we are over a week later with nothing! I can’t believe a small shop in Oakville has this on hand when Canada’s biggest chain has squat.

Well, they did have to order it in, and perhaps I just got lucky with the timing. When I went in to pick up, the guys told me that the local rep had called them asking if he could divert mine to some other big-shot client (cheeky eh!)… but they resisted! (thankfully).

Why not fire off an email to David Miner, he’s the regional rep for Yamaha/SB… PM me and I will give you his address. I’ve yet to test him on what the store told me, he’s a good guy, so I would suspect there may have been some story telling going on!

That definitely sounds like a dodgy practice to have that happening. If they never told you this you would never have been the wiser that you could and should have had your copy sooner and are left playing the waiting game like a lot of others are such as myself. I already put $50 down on this pre order and still have nothing to show for it. Perhaps I am being hasty, but I really think there is something else going on here with all the conflicting information being passed about regarding this issue. PM sent by the way. Thank you.

Well, they may have been teasing me a little, not 100% certain however! I don’t think I could have had it any faster unless SB allowed downloads (lets not got there in this thread!!!) I paid in full in advance, so not sure if that was like bribing the doorman! I’ve sent you a reply with the info in PM. I was expecting to go the Music Marketing route, as last time around I believe this was the only option in Ontario, and I had to wait for ever it seemed. Imagine my surprise when it took less than two business days!

Distribution to the whole world is no doubt a tricky business.

hehe, the funniest thing happened yesterday. After all this bitching about me not having my copy, I got an email a couple hours after sending my above posts that my copy had come into Long and Mcquade for pickup! I quickly got dressed and flew out the door to my local shop. I was giddly like a little school girl! Long and Mcquade is offering a 6 months no interest on anything in the store for this coming Friday and Saturday. I was thinking of waiting till then to save paying for it now but I was just so excited I had to jump on it. I could not believe how small the box was. I had to do a double take! I even yelled out, OMG, that is the cutest little Cubase box I have ever seen! Steinberg definitely did a good job on cutting down on waste and packing material.

I have had no time to get into Cubase 6 but hope to do so over these coming few days/weeks. Thanks again Northwood Mediaworks for the info on the Yamaha Rep, but I guess I won’t be needing it now!

Ahh, a happy schoolgirl you are then! :laughing: