Despise my previous post about plugins problem in NUENO 64 bit I’d like to thanks the NUENDO team for NUENDO 5.5 which is an advanced update indeed. I found 5.5 convenient for me as a post-production editor. I love markers which become supporting my language (Russian) and can be exported in few sorts of files. Track edit groups save times and make my session structured with Folder Track improvementsl as wel . Curves editing not annoying any more :slight_smile: .

Best wishes all of you

Hi Paphuty,

thank you very much for your comment and good to hear that Nuendo 5.5 works very well for you.
Much appreciated.


A few issues but I’m overall very happy.
AAF to protools is working great, though I have not stressed it very hard


First impressions good here too :slight_smile:


One great addition is the preference to automatically show the written automation. No more writing automation and then manually showing it.

Quick controls feature is awesome. I had started using these a lot more in 5.1… but they took so long to set up that there was nothing quick about them… much easier to permanently assign a midi hardware knob.

But this is what I’m talking about… Loving the learn feature. great stuff. Now my knobs are permanently assigned to QC 1-8.

Hello guys,

thanks very much for your feedback. Good to hear some positive comments…!


I don’t believe so. The problem there (and in Nuendo 5.5) is the automation nodes disappear at certain zoom factors (very silly IMO). What I was talking about was a new preference in the automation window so that when you write a parameter it will automatically open that automation lane.

Indeed a very good update :slight_smile:

But please fix that Events-on-top-when-you-click-them thing (new lanes) as well as I am very unhappy with the fact that events will be on top of other events after I moved them with the mouse. Please have a look in the thread…

Hmmm: it took 6 replies this time… that’s a good sign! :slight_smile:


noticed - thanks!


Timo, thanks - that would be awesome if there could something be modified. After a day in N5.5 I would say I can’t use that great version ITM just because it is not possible to have fun while editing because of that. Back to Cubase 5.5 for the moment, till this is fixed.

from the first impression i also have to say it´s great.
and when the event on top behaviour in lane editing is solved i am a very happy camper. :slight_smile:

@ brandy: for editing you could use the normal editing in the tracks. this behaves as in n5. i can´t use the lane editing, too because of the on top behaviour but the “old” way works.

Not true. The same on top things, splitting also across all overlapped events. Also, cut head and cut tail behavior is changed.

THANK YOU for banishing this colour-switching-area on the very left of each track!!
This was next to video issues the biggest show-stopper in N5!

THANK YOU for the new video engine!
Seems to work much better compared to the former one! No issues noticed in first tests.

THANK YOU for new automation-editing tools!
This has been one of the major things which made PT to the No.1 in Automation…until now, I guess…

THANK YOU for .L/.R!

and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the option to extend the range when doing offline-processing!!!
I’ve been waiting for this since about 15 years now… :slight_smile:

Seems to be a great update!


Great work, thanks!

One of the changes I’m really, really enjoying is the new naming of tracks - especially with long names. Long names were abbreviated which made it impossible to figure what the names were. Now you always see the first part of the name, like it used to be, and long names scroll when you mouse over the name. The new font is also fantastic…

Well done guys - a positive update indeed! :smiley:


Also I want to thank for that relly great update.


Great job !


What new font? I’m back to the crappy old and impossible to read “Microsoft Sans Serif” font now that I’ve updated to After over a year of workking with the Segoe UI font in N5.1, I can’t believe I have to go back to this garbage.

Am I missing something? Did they finally bother to make the font selectable in Preferences?