I know I gripe about the stuff that don’t work properly in Cubase sometimes, but when its all said and done Cubase is the best DAW on the planet and I really appreciate all the hard work you guys do. Being so dedicated to bringing users features that elevates creativity every time and even delivering beyond our expectations. Im starting this post so users can come on here and just say thanks for the hundreds of features that do work flawlessly and not just post about the ones that don’t. I for one know that there’s nothing like the “Media Bay” in any other DAW and it helps me tremendously and for that I would like to say thank you!

Users, there must be at least one feature in Cubase that helps you in your creativity that you would love to say thanks for. Lets flood this post with appreciation.

Thanks again Steinberg!

It’s great of course and I’d want to use no other but there’s still many areas that can be improved but as end users we cannot know how easy, feasible or difficult something is to implement even if it seems relatively simple.

Great point.

Funny how most people rather complain about little things that don’t work properly in a 3-4 paragraph post than just leave a post saying thanks (which is just a 6 letter word) for everything else that works flawlessly…

Especially considering Cubase has such a wide, if not the largest feature base of all DAWs.

Well. The obvious compliment we give is the money we pay for this work of art.
But sometimes a written or outspoke compliment does no harm.
So ladies and sirs at Steinberg: You’re doing a great job!

Aside: And please repair Cubase IC Pro quickly :unamused: