That day again.... rescanning plugins

Firing up Cubase on this day, and it is so nice to be reminded that daylight savings are on. Every 6 months Cubase reminds me, without a fail. I guess I should be thankful, it is an undocumented, hidden feature - daylight savings reminder. :laughing:

So I fired it up today… scan, scan, crash, restart, scan, scan, crash, restart, scan… :unamused:
Would be nice if Cubase didn’t crash while scanning plugins. If it really must rescan them all every six months, at least make it so that it scans from beginning to end without the need to babysit it, and restart it again and again. It is really frustrating to let it do the scan unatended, and then come back to see that it didn’t do much, because it crashed.

Glad (?) to know it’s not just my Cubase that crashes during rescan. It could be worse, about 20% of my NI patches are missing which rescanning doesn’t find (not clockchange related) I just can’t be bothered to reinstall 300Gb of content to fix it!

5 min 35 seconds for the rescan today… Still, I relaxed as their names flahsed past and reminded myself of the plugins that I’d forgotten I had :slight_smile:


I was ready for it and took the chance to remove a load of plugins I no longer use. Still had the scan, crash, scan cycle again though

was ready too,
started cubase last night as soon as i got back from a gig and by this morning - all done
one plugin stalled though, one of those melda ones. i think i read somewhere that this scanning business is more of a windows thing?

Crashes’ should not happen, time to get rid of the buggy plugins.

Well, Reaper rescanned all plugins too, so it seems Cubase is not the only DAW rescanning. But, guess what, Reaper didn’t crash, although scanning exactly the same plugins. So maybe plugins are buggy, what do I know, but Reaper seems to deal with them just fine, while Cubase crashes again and again. I wonder how a Reaper developer can code better VST scanning than the inventors of VST… it is truly a wonder.

Reaper crashed so many times on me, that I gave up.
Cubase took additional 15 seconds to start up, without any issue’s
If Cubase would crash, I would definitely try to find the problematic plugin, and update.
Or find a later stable version, plugin alliance comes to mind.

I had no issues this time with 8.5

Crash here on the first scan!!!

WaveLab 9 didn’t crash doing its scan but then it only has a subset of my plugs.

That was 20 minutes of time wasted.

Tone2 Nemesis - a perfectly legal VST even manages to initiate a shutdown of my PC every time it scans!

Not Steinberg’s fault but I wish the scan didnt have to happen… :imp:

After starting to rescan, Cubase stopped on a number of plug ins, noting that they are up to date software such as BFD. I had to crash out several times until the “bad” plugs got blacklisted, then Cubase opened.

However, my projects wouldn’t load, all seizing on loading mix console. I ran a system restore to 23rd March, then tried again, now all is fine.

Why do we have to suffer such stress twice a year, is there a compelling reason?

If you turn off the automatic daylight saving time in Windows, and set the clock manually Cubase won’t have to rescan.

If Cubase wants to scan, why can’t it complete the scan and then present us with a list and tickboxes, or something similar. Success, Retry, Fail, Blacklist and so on. having to resort to task Manager to sort the software crashes is horrible.

Thanks Peakae, I have turned daylight saving and to manual clock. The clock had failed to update correctly anyway! Let’s see what happens next time.

For me another 10 minutes of scanning, followed by a crash.

I don’t ever seem to have seen a credible explanation of what purpose this re-scan serves?

just ran protools - guess what?

crash- melda plugins not valid!

point is … its not cubase or steinberg. more a windows thing

Nonsense. Why would windows care about the state of VSTs? Clock change is clearly used by Cubase and Protools as a convenient trigger to perform a plugin scan. It also means we as consumers know when its going to happen. I suspect the enforced scan was some anti-piracy measure way back when.

Top Tip:

Don’t allow Windows to adjust for daylight savings time automatically and it won’t re-scan your plugins!

Some instructions for how to do that here:

You’re welcome. :ugeek:

The same thing happened to me. I couldn’t figure out why Cubase was re-scanning my plugins given that I didn’t install anything new. Thanks for posting – you saved me from wasting a lot of diagnosis time.

Are you sure this will prevent the problem? The implication is that it’s not the changing of the time in the Windows clock, but rather the automatic process of changing it. Why would that matter? It seems bizare.