That EuCon Issue.

I am starting to get a little worried here.

I have five AVID EuCon compatible devices; 3 x Artist Mix, 1 Artist Transport and an Artist Control.
These units renders useless and all they do right now is to look good.

I had gotten so used to using them that navigating Cubase and Nuendo is a nightmare to me.

Yes - I know that I should have checked this before upgrading to El Capitan. I checked ALL my software before installing to make sure it was compatible, but it never occurred to me to check for EuCon compatibility in Cubase 8.5/Nuendo 7 (I use both). I have been using Steinberg software since Pro 16 on the Commodore 64 and I would hate to go look for something else.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue or am I just having Artist devices to use as a door stopper ?

Any info would be appreciated.



Mine is dead also. I’ve tested on Logic X and works as good as ever. I’m also waiting for Steinberg to address the issue, but it’s not getting here at all. Did you recieve any feedback from Steinberg?