That Time

Here’s a tune that’s pretty mellow and intentionally other-worldly. Does the “other-worldly” aspect come across well enough? Done with Cubase Pro 9.0. All synths are Halion and percussion is from Groove Agent. Analog guitars and fretless bass are all using boss and/or line 6 effects. This dates to the tail end of 2016.

Laid back/mellow/other-worldy…it’s all of those and a very cool listen, however, without a theme change somewhere in there it is a tad too long, 3.30 would suite this piece better in IMHO… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the listen and evaluation. I thought about what you mention as the theme change issue when I recorded the piece. I actually decided to go with it as you hear it. The idea was to introduce the main song form through once before the melody comes in. If I took that out, it’d be at about the 3:30 length cited. As my own “producer”, I just made the choice not to do that. I felt the the new section that comes in with the guitar solo was the “bridge” or variant before the return of the main song form. Hard to say what the best decision is, but thanks for the idea and feedback.