That's it all hells going to break loose

All forums have been unlocked so you can now post where you like , so someone that has bought padshop to work with protoos can now post in the Nuendo forum … Very Very bad idea !!!

Actually, you don’t need a dongle registered at all. It’s enough to create an account in MySteinberg.

We’ll see what happens. Will the incidence of Cubase 5 questions increase?

Is this part of a larger sea change? Will the dongle be dropped? Stay tuned…

I know Steinberg have been working on a new licensing idea but unlocking the forums I think potentially is going to lead to chaos on here ,back to the days . I feel sorry for the Nuendo users no doubt they will be the worse hit but what will be will be !

Maybe they are planning on doing a lot more moderating. That certainly has been going on over the past month.

So you think it was a good Idea that I who own Nuendo and know the answer to a question in the cubase forum could not write it there ? :unamused:

Actually I believe if you own Nuendo you should be able to post in all the forums as it is the flagship software and Cubase can do the same but minus the nuendo forum , that’s the way my brain rolls . :open_mouth: :nerd: :ugeek:

this fear of non-legit users is over hyped. Getting the language folder back to the top level is more important that blocking access if you ask me. Getting the text of responses to watched threads in the notice is more beneficial than blocking access. This just isn’t a big deal.

that’s your opinion of course but to others it maybe an issue

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t stock up on potable water and non-perishables and lock myself in the basement safe room. Somehow, I think we’ll survive.

JMCecil, do whatever you want, but I am now secure in my bunker deep below Lake Michigan. I have enough Tang and Space Food Sticks to last until Cubase 7.5 is released.

ROFL … I actually ate those things once upon a time.

Is the music lounge unlocked also?

I was a member of the forum also, but wasn’t that active creating for a few years. What exactly was the problem then? Hmm, now that I think about it, I remember people with cracked software asking why their Cubase was crashing. With the new dongle, shouldn’t that be better nowadays?

Yeah, I think that was the main reason they went to the dongle registration required model.

Now piracy is not a problem, so they can open things up, I guess.

Some of the best threads ever were those where some high profile (legend in their own mind) forum members slipped up and got busted for Cracks. Truly Epic stuff.

We are under a tornado watch, winds in the 50s, slooshing rain… there may be something to this thread after all.

Can you get underground? Be careful, dude!

Omg omg omg!!!

survived! thanks for the thoughts.

Glad to hear! Have lived in central TX, I know what it’s like.

We’ve had a tornado hit less than a mile from our house 3 times since we’ve been here (10 years). It goes the same route every time.

We actually lived in Plainview TX for part of my junior year in highschool … lets just say the 70s. Coming from CA, the tornado thing was new.