The 1.0.30 Wish List (major features only, please)

While Daniel and crew take a much-deserved holiday break, I thought we forum types could organize our discussion of what our highest priorities are for the next release. Please add your wishes, but, again, keep it to the most crucial stuff (e.g., chord implementation, not “why can’t I change all the noteheads into drawings of my dead relatives I scanned?!”).

For me:
Chord implementation, but they know that already. I proposed a new paradigm for chords in a separate thread: implement chords as a separate player that could then be added above/below other instruments as needed, not copied/pasted/hidden over multiple instruments depending on the part you’re printing/exporting.

Line objects: no support for endings, pedal lines, etc. is a big drawback. It’s the only thing that has kept me from transferring a large portion of my work to Dorico.

Cue notes/resize individual notes: (Is this possible yet? Have I missed it?)

Flow Merge/Split: Splitting and merging flows would be a really powerful tool.

Flow navigation: Also, being able to jump to a specific flow, and to be able to hide flows while working, would make the angels dance.

Lyrics updates: Adjust the lyrics engine to maintain a lyric’s integrity through cut/paste operations.

Selection of all font typefaces in Font Styles (e.g. Condensed, Book, etc). This is currently a major impediment.

With the exception of bug fixes and glaring oversights, I’d prefer the Dorico Team stick with their roadmap for fleshing out Dorico’s capabilities before diverting resources to individual preferences.

Too late for christmas wishes :wink:
We will have to wait for next year patiently and happily :slight_smile:

Father christmas (DS) needs a rest :parasol_on_ground:

I agree with you, but I think it’s also important to be able to articulate what our greatest needs are as end users. I started this because I trust this development team to work with us, not at us, in shaping that roadmap (unlike
Certain Other Development Teams in the Industry I Could Mention.)

For me Repeat Lines and Repeat Structures (D.C. al Fine, D.S. al Coda …) are the most important features, that I’m missing.
That’s number 2 on Daniels missing feature list, so I’m hoping this will be adressed right after Chord symbols …

+1 This has my vote, as to me, all the OP’s post AND most of the replies to it will just reiterate the same things brought up SO many times before throughout the forum…by even the same people.

Daniel and team KNOW what they’re doing–and finding different ways such as this thread to simply once again bring these same things up really dont help anyone.

Just my opinion–and Merry Xmas/ Happy Holidays to all :slight_smile:
Thanks Bob

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…and real
«Independent Time Signature» (metric)

Hi Alain–boy you REALLY proved what my last post had said…thanks! :smiley:

Here are several instances of you asking for the same thing…I think they ALREADY know you want this :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Re: The 1.0.30 Wish List (major features only, please)

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…and real
«Independent Time Signature» (metric)
by Alain LeBlond
Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:31 pm

Re: Tuplets


Of course will be easier when Dorico will support real independent time signature.

Thanks for tips.

Dorico is simply wonderful !
by Alain LeBlond
Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:44 pm

Re: Independent time signature (Metrics)
… for your answer… Sorry, my english understanding is probably not as good as it should be ! So, will Dorico is intended to support different time signature in the «same bar» (Bar aligned) in the future (as seen on the picture or like «Finale» is doing since his version 1). Please answer using …
by Alain LeBlond
Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:44 am

Independent time signature (Metrics)

That is organ music:
Capture d’écran 2016-12-09 10.27.26.png
(62.88 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Is there a possible answer about «when» Dorico will give the possibility to
use real «independent» metrics ? Has shown here (done in «finale»)


Dorico is just wonderful
by Alain LeBlond
Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:37 am

Re: 3 things that ireally expect in Dorico

two more !

1- real independent «Time Signature»
(graphic and play back, like in «Finale»)

2- Play back compatible with VSL SE bundle.

About all other things,
Dorico’s team is doing an incredible professional work with the best approach.

The futur looks wonderful !

Thanks to all…

by Alain LeBlond
Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:37 pm

Thanks Bob

PS Just a thought–constant repeating stuff like this could possible run the risk of being counterproductive, and be viewed as maybe even annoying…Daniel and team read this forum, and certainly have gotten the message… :smiley:

In order not to repeat everything about 1st/2nd endings etc. I only mention two things:

If you select a note in Engrave mode, you see the option to move it on the x and y axis (offset). But this has no effect. If I understood right, it’s in the pipeline but didn’t make it into the version 1.0.20. It would be useful to be able to tweak the appearance of different voices.

The second thing: If you import XML files from Sibelius, Finale or MuseScore into Dorico, every mordent becomes a trill (German: Pralltriller) and every trill becames a mordent. The discussion about terminology is long enough in another thread, that’s not my point here, but I think the XML import bug should be corrected as soon as possible. I’m sure that sooner or later the ornaments panel comes to the level of the playing techniques panel because the glyphs are in the font!

It’s interesting to see the program develop.

I wish merry Christmas to everybody!

Real time MIDI recording.
Ability to move notes in pitch and time using a mouse.
Key commands for everything (flip slurs, flip ties, invert chord etc)
Support for piano fingerings.
Ability to hear all notes in a piano chord when moving one of them with mouse or key command.
Key command to go to next/previous should optionally play all notes in a chord.
Explode polyphony.
Ability to move or copy note to another voice.
Idea hub
Ability to assign any key combination to any of the existing key commands.
Diatonic transpose.
Contextual menus everywhere.

Expression maps that actually work (e.g. legato playback).

Figured bass, already said by many. 300 years of music are off, without figured bass (I only deal with baroque music so I can’t switch to Dorico yet).

A complete set of critical editions symbols and managing instruments: from square brackets to small alterations to alterations above the note which still playbacks to half brackets and so on. I know everything is insertable as text, but there are spacing issues.

Full opentype support. A lot of very fine text fonts are in OT format nowadays. Our scores would look more professional and personal if we could choose oldstyle or lining figures, true smallcaps, ligaturae and alternate shapes of the glyphs.
(I know, I know… even Word has still a limited opentype support… But the difference is notable: look at a Word document and then look at the same documenti in InDesign)

An arbitrary number of staves for grand staff instruments - and the ability to change the number of staves system-by-system.

Pianos with only two staves, and organs with only three, are useless for me.

The ability to group dynamics so they align vertically.

Drum kit notation

Guitar tab-notation / Notation to Tab converter.
Please more intelligent so I have not to check every single number.

… and a paaartridge in a pear treeeeeeeeee!

Prima Secona Volta is very important!

You called? :smiley: