The #1 song in Holland, but for a very sad reason

My 12-month-old son, Noah, was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. I released a charity cover of the Beatles’ “Let It Be” to let my YouTube supporters know why I’d be gone for a while, and to let them know how they could help, if they wanted to. It’s gone a bit viral, but nowhere more than in the Netherlands. It’s the #1 single on iTunes there right now. So kind of them!

Here’s the link:

Here’s a story the local news ran about Noah and my efforts:

I’d appreciate any efforts you fellow Cubasers can make to help spread this video, even if you’re not inclined or not in a position to donate yourself.

And yes, the song was made with Cubase 6.5.



Very sorry about your son, and wish you the best.

Hey mike, (I am from Holland btw)

My heart goes out to Noah.
I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 (at the age of 34) and struggled for three years (Hodgkin)
I am in remission after a stemcel transplantation since december 2010.
Hearing of a person going through this at such a young age breaks my heart.

I so hope that all will turn out well for all of you.

Greetz Dylan.

Mike, I am so sorry for troubles I personally know how difficult illness can be when its your child. Thank God that things have gone so well for my family in the 7 years that we have battled our sons health . I hope you have access to the best care in the world, if not PM me and I will share info with you.

Thanks for allowing me to contribute, you are in my thoughts…

BTW Love your heart felt rendition of Let it BE