The 4 rotary controller buttons on the right side VSTi window are really a ‘PEST’!

On occasion I’ve ruined a mix! And just couldn’t figure out what went wrong! I just couldn’t trace back what I’ve changed because it didn’t show up in the history of the project window nor in the mixer?
So I had to go back to the last version and do it all over again!

The good news is: I found out what caused it!
The bad news is: I probably still won’t be able to fix it if it happens again?!

Let me try to explain:

I often scroll up and down between the VSTi’s I have active using the tiny scrollbar on the right of the screen. Usually all goes well? But sometimes I might deviate from this very tiny path and maybe hit the forth 4 rotary button of a VSTi, and who knows even the third (?) of one of the VSTi’s knobs?

Also when I just have this right side panel open and vertically scroll up and down in the project window and slightly deviate from this path I might well be able to hit the first button or who knows, even the second?

But I did some further tests. And there’s more erratic’s….

If you hover you mouse over any part of the VSTi outside the buttons it will scroll up and down the window. But if you happen to hover above the tiny ‘page’ area field it will scroll up and down all the possible pages those 4 knobs can control. Changing even more in your VSTi that you can never trace back!

Also, these stupid buttons are not normalized for any use. It depends on the plugin and the page you choose? So it could be volume, but it could also be pitch or any other controller? And again, these changes are not traceable nor undoable in history. So whatever you touched unintentionally that changed the balance of your mix or sound is not revertible in any way! Unless you can find out what exact button you ‘unintentionally’ changed and what value it was set to before?

So these 4 tiny rotary buttons with 20 page options and more are a major pest! Every plugin seems to have its own preference on how to set these buttons? And some even don’t?

I wonder? Who even uses these ‘stupid’ 4 buttons to make any changes to their VSTi settings? I sure don’t?

Well…only when I’m not aware of it obviously? :slight_smile:

Could this please be disabled by default or at least be set to be on/off by a preference?

Thank you very much!

If you don’t’ want to use VST quick controls…why don’t you hide them? (the circled down arrow in the VST tab header)

I still want to use VST quick controls on the inspector (on the left side panel). And via a hardware controller of course. But I just don’t want those stupid knobs on the VSTi panel (on the rights side) to be active. It’s just prone to problems! I can’t imagine anyone using this? Do you use these knobs?

And I would even be good with it if it would just show the changes in the history. But it doesn’t. So best to get these knobs removed or disabled by a preference.

Cubase makes much of their functionality available at several places and that’s good. Sometimes that’s a blessing, but in this case it’s a curse!
I really don’t need to make quick controls using those 4 tiny knobs!

are you aware of the two different types of quick controls?
The Track quick controls and the vst quick controls. These are different.
And: Hiding the vst quick controls does not deactivate them for remote control afaik.

HTH, Ernst

Thanks Elien! And yes, I am aware of that. But My question still stands. How can I disable these 4 stupid knobs on the right VSTi window and still use quick controls on my instrument tracks? I’m just looking for an answer to that?

Just hide the “Right Zone”. Quick Controls will still be accessible in the inspector.

I don’t get it. You ask for a way to hide the VST quick control buttons but you don’t want to use the built-in function to hide the VST quick control buttons?

Quick controls on the instrument tracks are track controls, aren’t they? They are. Pls. get familiar with the concept of track quick controls and vst quick controls.

Again: HIDE the vst-quick controls in the right zone (and in the vst instrument rack). YOu will still be able to remotely control vst-i parameters in case you have set up this in the studio dialogue via vst-quick controls.
Any parameters available via track quick controls will anyways be accessible via those. They are an independent set of eight controllers. (And yes, it is possible to access vst-i-paramenters either way…).

HTH, Ernst

No I’m not asking to ‘hide’ anything! It’s just a simple question? I’m just asking ‘HOW’ to disable these 4 knobs on the right side window while this window is still open and still use quick controls throughout the system? I just don’t want those buttons changing anything while I might be scrolling over them unintentionally!

If anyone can answer ‘HOW’ and ‘WHERE’ I can set this I would be grateful!


Your question is answered.

Read again. Mindful. With the intention to understand, not with the intention to reply.

No. My question hasn’t been answered! But i give up for now! Maybe it’s me not being clear?
Maybe I’ll try again with screenshot later?

Happy New year all!

You want to still see them but have the knobs “frozen” so you can’t move them, I think… It’s not possible.
I don’t think when they designed it that anyone would want to see them but not be able to manipulate them.

Either hide them or be careful with the mouse around them.
FWIW, every since version 7, I think, when the mouse wheel started editing parameters, I have wished there was an option to have CtRL mouse wheel to edit values (or some other “enabling” key) and have the mouse wheel by itself only scrolling window space.

HAPPY NEW YEAR :slight_smile: and welcome back to one of the most funny threads of the last year ;o)…

Back to the questions (that have all been answered… even though the OP insists they haven’t):

  1. There is no way in Cubase to have buttons or rotary controls or any other controls VISIBLE and INACTIVE at the same time (except they need this behaviour for their functionality, like “radio button”-style controls). This is the same as in other reasonable software on this planet.
  2. the mentioned “four” controls in the right zone (and/or vst rack window) are not always four - the number of visible ones depends on the sizing of the window.
  3. Hiding the controls is not the same as making them inactive - so hiding would be the solution (which the OP refuses to accept; so far without any reasonable explanation - but we all drink on silvester evenings, so all is fine ;o) ).
  4. There is still reason to assume that the difference and use of vst-quick controls and track-quick controls is not understood fully. Nothing you do in the right zone or the vst rack window makes controlling parameters impossible with the controls in the inspector. This is also true for the track quick controls in the inspector (vst quick controls are not available in the inspectors of any track type - which does NOT mean that you cannot control vst-i parameters with them. I may be wrong with that statement - please correct if necessary).

Maybe it is possible to “unlearn” the rotaries (the “four” the OP is writing about) and thus assigning NO parameter to them. This would allow a clumsy user not to manipulate parameters unintenionally, which is basically what this thread is about :slight_smile:.

Last piece of advice: Dont drink while driving cubase ;o)…

Happy new year, Ernst

PS.: Let me add one thing that others also have complained about: The ridiulously narrow scroll bars that seem to be adopted from smart-phone SHIT controls that are widespread these days have to be improved. Also the ridiculously tiny controlls (to make things even worse, only visible when hovering over them…) have to be replaced consequently with the next UI update. They are really annoying and root for a lot of complaints.

Thanks Jaslan! That was the answer I was looking for. I don’t mind the buttons being visible but it would be nice to (temporarily) disable them without disabling quick controls all together. Just hoped anyone would know about a way to disable changing the values of the buttons while scrolling over them or moving them unintentionally. Anyway, thanks. I’ll try to figure out a way to live with them or find a workaround.

Nickeldome…my advice would be: HIDE the buttons and use an external controller for the vsti-quick-controls.
HIDNIG them does not disable them at all. It just HIDES them!

Alternatively you can also use the track-Quick-controls to control vsti parameters of the relevant tracks!

let me add : you seem to be obsessed by the idea that you had to diable quick controls alltogether… you dont.
I am really wondering why you refuse the suggestions how to handle your situation…