The 8.0.20 Release

…but doesn’t appear to have the VE Pro ASIOguard fix that was scheduled for this release. Bummer.

EDIT - apparently it IS fixed but isn’t in the version history (?) Can’t check myself for a couple of days.

Great job Steinberg! Thank you!

Installed with no issues and is working. That’s a good thing :slight_smile:

But, I was kinda hoping for the MixConsole “Always On Top” fuction to be restored. That’s not as good but… maybe next time. :astonished:

Regards :sunglasses:

Mono render in place - woohoo!

All working good here also. I love the mono render option. Well done Steinberg!

Regarding the mixer- there is no AOT option,but I noticed that whenit hides behind another window you can recall it by hitting F3only once- before you had to hit F3 twice- to first hide it and then again to show (well at least it was here like that before.)

It seems that those who edit on one screen, in Notebooks; We will have to wait for the MixConsole to always be on top.
I’m clear that Cubase pro 8 is only for professional studies, not for home studies.


“PROJECT: Fixed an issue where the “Listen” key command was not working in the Project window.” -That is excellent news!

Just curious why you don’t find it ok to just have the MixConsole maximised? I work on one screen and that’s what I do. I guess perhaps you like to view some other pages at the same time as the mixer?

Mmm… my mixconsole still works the same as before. (1) F3 to hide then (1) F3 to bring it forward. Weird that yours works differently.

Regards :sunglasses:

True. But, this is the case only when the Mix Console is maximized and some other window is also maximized.

Otherwise the old behavior still holds.

I use arangement window maximized and mixer at half size and it works. But I agree AOT would be quite handy to have baack.


That. Before remained at the front was made that was made. As happens with the effects that are inserted. You have the possibility to always leave them to the front.

But now I’ve to put a Mono Output to render it mono??

Lots of nice improvements/fixes in 8.0.20:

  • “No Player” option for chord pads
  • Metronome pre-count fix
  • MixConsole cntrl/cmd-click de-select channels fix (this one was annoying)
  • “Save New Version” on file menu
  • Menu bar offset on Windows systems running high-resolution displays fix

PROJECT: Fixed an issue where the Project Root Key was not set after loading a project.
But no show root key in loops in pool and not tonal change!!!

Submit this as a topic in Issue Reports or send it to the helpdesk (tech support).

I´m happy with the update too, so far as I could test it today :wink:

you won´t get an answer nor would this issue be respected…
…and do YOU know WHY?
because you din´t posted 42times the “!” and you know that 42 is always the answer :laughing:
do you really think that those posts with so much “!” are looking serious?

The most comforting improvement i n 8.0.20: :wink:

Other Improvements

  • When removing selected tracks Cubase asks for confirmation in case there is still event data on the tracks (or in TrackVersions).

“Don’t Show Again” clicked the first time this came up on my screen. lol

Update working nicely here.

I’m too chicken to do that! :laughing:

ahhhhh man … they didn’t fix the ruler zoom bug :frowning: I can’t believe C8 has been out for more than 6 months and they couldn’t fix that really annoying bug.