the 8.5.15 update?

So is it possible to download and install this update without any hassle please? looking at the announcement post it seems there are some problems but it’s locked so I couldn’t post this query there… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’d rather wait until it’s sorted than try and figure stuff out that, really… should just work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I downloaded it and installed it without hassle yesterday. Why not try it?

it was smooth for me too

Ok thanks…just thought there was a problem when I read the announcement post :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Only when the last install is from a location which was deleted after the installation, if you keep all your install files within reach of the OS and the new installer, the install process will succeed.

Yeah, thanks…I have all the install files from 8 and 8.5 saved… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Certainly this is not a disaster this is just an inconvenience for some… myself included. Yesterday I spent the day doing hundreds of small complex edits in this incredible Cubase environment. I had no crashes… I am drawing automation , tuning in vari-audio… tweaking drum patterns with the new editor features. Sending cue mixes out through the control monitor… tracking guitars through plugins. It was smooth, enjoyable and I could express myself through these amazing tools.

Through experiences you learn to separate the difference between disaster and inconvenience. It has something to do with losing people in your life. This is the latter with timely solutions in hand for those of us who need it. In fact the solutions came within the hour… I know because I started this thread about this time yesterday morning. Now I have to go and get a couple projects going with the now functional VCAs. This post isn’t aimed at anyone in particular it just about perspective which we sometimes lose… I was there yesterday… for about an hour.

What with multi-gigabyte installations becoming the norm, the need to keep zipped and unzipped versions of .MSIs from previous installations is an avoidable pain.

It’s no fun for those of us downloading with poor broadband speeds, but there are many people out here who can’t have or don’t want big hard disks (SSD-only devices anybody?)

Installed with no probs…wasn’t complaining about it, just wanted to keep away from it for a while if it was causing probs… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just run on a couple of VCA/plugin heavy mixes from C8 here and things seem good so far…

VCAs are NOW WORKING here! my own personal #1 gripe!

THANK YOU very much for listening Uncle Steiny!

I’m just running a VERY heavy mix with ASIO guard on full with 1024 samples latency… i’m sure there’s less ASIO load than when i ran the project yesterday too! :smiley:

Need a few more days to dig deeper of course but first impressions are good!

Don’t the ASIO Guard shut off at the 1024 buffer setting? :confused:

Or is it updated along the way?