The 8.5 big love thread

I have to say ,on my Steinberg recommended machine from 3 years ago (Z77 chipset) , this new 8.5 is running like a dream , im not a power user but today from 9am till now i have not had one blip .

A 5.4gb project using less than 10% of the Asio and only 12% of my Cpu , no glitches what so ever .

So in light of these facts i can only praise 8.5 , it has done precisely what ive needed it to do with not a grumble so thank you Steinberg for continuing to give this nearly 30 year user a fantastic tool to work with :wink:

It’s a pleasure to use C8.5 :wink:

Haters … jog on by …


Bought 8 a few weeks ago and upgraded to 8.5 the same day it was released - I’m impressed, almost everything in this update will be of good use to me.

I love Cubase, it such an inspiring program to use - so much musical value in it - it literally makes you make music as soon as you turn it on.

I’ve been working with Cubase 8 x64 daily since it’s release and have had very few issues. The’ s still the odd niggly workflow things but overall I have complete confidence with my system which is a great feeling when working with clients all day in the studio. Looking forward to installing 8.5 tomorrow.


I think 8.5 is the best version I’ve used - it seems a lot more ‘finished’ than previous versions. Small interface tweaks, more consistent fonts, thoughtful new additions to functionality, workflow improvements all add to a sense of polish.