The ability to stop certain processes (like loading projects) while they're happening.

Sometimes you accidentally do something in Nuendo that takes a long time, especially in a big project like scoring, and then can’t stop it from going on and on with the process. Here are a couple examples that I’m sure many people can relate to:

  1. You accidentally load up the wrong project (a large project, let’s say) and so you need wait a long time for it to load, and it might often crash Nuendo if there’s another very large project already loaded (which is a separate complaint seen over the years with Nuendo). We need to simply be able to stop any session from loading up once it’s started. This can happen to anyone, from the most seasoned pro to the newest user. The other DAWs I’ve used enable you to stop loading new projects once you’ve started.

  2. You copy a section of your project and paste it somewhere else, but you accidentally misalign where the tracks are and Nuendo starts loading in all-new instruments and tracks, which can possibly overload RAM and crash the project and/or take a huge amount of time. In composing sessions that regularly have 400+ tracks, for example, this can and does happen. We need to be able to stop this process immediately when it happens.

There are other instances of this kind of thing where you can’t stop Nuendo once it starts doing something that’s time-intensive. Let’s put an end to this old issue. At this point when exporting a project and you want to stop, you can do it but it’s slow and sometimes takes a while before Nuendo responds, which is also a very old issue…but at least you can stop it, which is great.

Thank you.





+1 Any process should have a cancel function (ie DOP)