The activation code already used

My activation code does not work, the computer says it has been used already for cubase artist 11


  • Did you use it before?
  • Are you sure you even need to activate?
  • Do you have a Physical USB Elicencer key?

This is my first time, I do need to activate and yes I do have an Elicencer key

Hm. This usually only happens when the code was actually used before, such as when a license is bought 2nd hand, and the parties did not follow the Steinberg Resale Wizard

If this is not your case, you should request a refund from the seller. That info is in the receipt of your purchase.

I’ve never heard of cubase activation codes incorrectly reporting it has been already used.

I have heard many times of uses typing a download code into eLC where you’re supposed to enter the activation code. But then you get an error about the wrong version of the eLC, not about the code being used already.

The obvious answer is that the code has been used before by someone.

that someone might be you?
did you accidentally activate it already to the soft elicenser - ie. the hard drive, - and you now need to move that license to the USB elicenser?

did you try launching cubase?