The activation of the Soft-eLicenser

Hello! I am in a huge trouble with activation, so PLEASE, help me! My activation code doesn’t work. I put it in the “Register eLicenser / software & Enter Download Access Code” field and the system showed me this message: “Activation Code not found. Make sure that the code has been entered in the eLicenser Control Center.”

I tried to use my code from the eLicenser Control Center (1966546547 - 0938F2D93E) in the Register eLicenser field and there was a message: “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.” But it cannot be true! I also tried to type the code grom this letter in the eLicenser Control Center program but it answered me that the License Usage Period not started yet. So I cannot see any ways to solve this problem and start my 30-days free trial.

I tried to recover my Soft eLicenser, but there was a message that I have to get a permission from my supplier/distributor. So my activation code is simply not activated! Please, HELP!

Hi and welcome,

Please, first make it clear, if you are talking about Activation Code or Download Access Code. Then double check your licenses in your MySteinberg account. Is there any activated already? Can you see any Soft-eLicenser in your MySteinberg account? Can you see Soft-eLicenser Number in your eLCC application?