The active audio device connections do not allow to play all audio channels


I have been using Wavelab Elements for quite some time… but now, I’m needing a multi-output solution, so I’m investigating the workflow on a trial of Wavelab Pro 10.5… I’ve been using a scenario on ProTools whereby I need 2 stereo files, both files are exactly the same… I just need the 2nd pair to play ‘delayed’ by a small amount of milliseconds… to cut vinyl acetates.

However, I’m not even sure if Wavelab Pro has this ability, yet I’m trying to figure out if it does… so, I can’t seem to play 2 stereo files ‘out’ 2 sets of audio interface outputs… I am faced with an error (as the subject of this topic suggests).

I have 4 outputs on my audio interface… but Wavelab Pro 10.5 does not appear to ‘like’ it. Am I asking the impossible here?! …can I play 2 stereo files… simultaneously in the Audio Montage… out separate outputs ?

Thank you for any help offered in advance…


Are you using the edit window or the montage?

I am using the Montage.

I tried to ‘include’ a screenshot earlier… but it forbid me to ‘attach’ the image…


What Audio Interface?

and maybe you can use External Effect plugin
as send out. it has delay/latency, hopefully someone
with knowledge with vinyl can chime in here…

WL Pro can playback 8 channels

regards S-EH


I have an Antelope Pure2 at the studio… but I have taken my ‘eLicenser’ home and am trying this configuration on a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, it has 4 physical outputs.

I have refered to the instruction links that you provided, previously… however, it doesn’t really detail which busses each ‘audio montage’ track can route too… unless I’m not just not getting it. But the options on the first tab ‘centre’, ‘left rear’, ‘front rear’… is just confusing the matter for me even more… because I am not trying achieve a surround sound configuration.

Kind regards

Yes but in Montage you can use Track 1 as Stereo out
channel 1 and 2, Track 2 as channel 3 and 4 etc
can of cource be in Mono channels as well

Thanks S-E,

I believe I have got the 4-available tracks, as required… I can see 4-mixer faders on the right-side of the Wavelab workspace… but regardless of this… the error message will display when I try to play.

PS. I started with a Multichannel (Free) Audio Montage template @ 48kHz / 24bit.
Further to that… ‘I have the top-most audio montage track’ routed to 1&2 on my audio interface… and the next track inside the audio montage routed to 3&4… but still no cigar… just the error message persisting.

Kind regards

Do you use Mac or PC, Core Audio or ASIO drivers?
Can you check with other software to rule out things…

regards S-EH

I am running MacOS 10.14.6, Wavelab Pro 10.5.

I have tried contacting Steinberg Support… but their site just drags me around and around and around to various pages… in other words, being treated like a used diaper!

But, if I may ask your experience… where do you configure Wavelabs ‘output busses or signal paths’ to an Audio Interfaces physical outputs?! … if the manual explained a little more than ‘descriptions of…’ I would definitely not be asking :man_facepalming:

Kind regards

Inside WaveLab Audio Connections or in software mixer RME
it depends what I do.

regards S-EH

I am completely foreign to this ‘Audio Connections’ workflow… it’s confusing to me because on the ‘Playback’ tab, all the channels refer to ‘surround sound’ channels… which I am not using… so, I’m not sure if this is even the right place to configure my Audio Interfaces physical outputs. Then, on the ‘Recording’ tab, it makes sense with the channels labelled as ‘Left’, ‘Right’ and then ‘3rd Channel’, ‘4th Channel’ & so on… up to ‘8th Channel’… that all looks like familiar territory for me… but I am not using ‘inputs’ at all… so the ‘surround sound’ labels on these ‘Playback’ tab channels is really not giving me the impression I’m on the right track here.

PS. Should the Audio Montage be created as Stereo or MultiChannel (free config) !?! … I chose MultiChannel (free config…)

Kind regards

(Update I have upload privileges now!)

update: … I have removed the 2nd-audio montage track… and the audio montage will not even play just 1-stereo track playing ch. 1 & 2 without throwing up the same error message… so something is very odd here.

EDIT: I changed output to ‘MultiChannel DVD’ and now I seem to be getting some playback… still not sure if I have to ‘pretend’ these surround channels are just regular sequentially ordered channels labelled in such a way to confuse me though :thinking:

Why it’s showing ‘surround sound’ is for making DVD’s etc
even if it shows surround (because it’s the same channels/routing)
use playback 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 in Audio Connections
then in Montage create free Multi channels up to 8 channels
and Dispatching for Stereo or Mono channels
Stereo Track 1, channel 1&2 or
Mono Track 1 and 2. channel 1&2
etc for other channels

and I agree it could be more easy to set up and I’m sure
PG will listen if we have good ideas here for routing/patching/channels
hope my explaining is useful :slight_smile:

regards S-EH

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You can use any montage type with the number of channels you want. The channel names have no effect whatsoever on playing or processing.

When rendering, the channel names are added to the output file names, and maybe they are used to generate the channel mask in multichannel files.


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Hey S-E,

Okay, so I have a theory… I had MultiChannel (FREE) selected the first time, and the interface I have here (the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6) only has a maximum of 6 outputs… Wavelab appears to have an 8, 4 or 2 Multi-output option… therefore… I think, and I underline ‘think’… by setting Wavelab to use MultiChannel (FREE)… this mode requires 8 outputs on your hardware / interface to have 8 outputs… because I was getting no playback… just errors when (FREE) was enabled / on… now I have the Montage type as MultiChannel (DVD)… and it’s playing fine.

So, I definitely have more tinkering to work through here, but as it’s late… I will try again tomorrow and see if I can get some more conclusive boundaries to work in.

But, I guess… I was apprehensive about the ‘surround sound’ configuration of busses / outputs… because, I don’t really work in the ‘surround sound’ realm… and my immediate reaction (or paranoia) was…

  1. Does that mean my ‘center’ surround speaker is ‘mono’
  2. Do I get the same amount of level from the rear speakers as I do ‘front’
  3. Is there some sort of ‘Pan’ configured to the rear… as left=right or vice / versa… because it’s a ‘rear’ or ‘reversed image’.

…basically all the unknowns of Surround Sound were giving me grey hair :joy:
…but Okay, it’s just a labeling convention… that’s made things easier to digest, so thanks very much for talking me through this… particularly difficult without having the privilege to post ‘screenshots’ too!

PS. I will post more back here tomorrow in case any one ends up walking the same tight-rope I was. :pray:

Appreciate all your help, cheers

Hey Paul,

thanks for your input, as a newbie to ‘Pro’… I quickly learned that there’s a maxium of 8 channels you can utilise, but then there’s a prerequisite that you have to configure the channels you intend to use in ‘Audio Connections’ and also configuring your montage template as a 2-channel (Stereo), a 4-channel (MultiChannel DVD), or an 8-channel (MultiChannel-FREE) … that’s where the trap was for me… and I hope anyone else discovering it the way I did… reads this. :+1:

Thanks for sharing, yes we all learn if we want too :smiley:

have a nice 13 day evening.

regards S-EH


I am pretty sure I recall that Pete Lyman (who cuts to a lathe from WL 10) talked about this in his recent interview with Justin Perkins.:

To be honest, I don’t recall how much detail he went into and I don’t have time right now to review it. It might be worth a look.

:joy: thanks Paul… I saw this 2 weeks ago… and is pretty much the reason I am trialing Wavelab Pro :+1:

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