The Acustica Thread

it´s very close to my spec, your cpu is even newer, maybe the bigger difference is that mine is a LGA2011 socket and the extra ssd´s and vector folder in symlink mode.

Heavy and happy Acustica plugins user here.
There are some downsides indeed but I learnt how to deal with them.
The blast noises happen really sometimes when you load the plugin while the audio is playing.
Cause of Acustica plugins I left my mac OS X and came back to Windows, building a new machine based on Amd Ryzen 3950x. I’m very satisfied with my choice because now I can run almost 20 times more plugins without mu cpu runs out.
I don’t have any problem with the naming of the plugins, but what I’m doing for a cleaner view is to deactivate the ZL versions through the plugin manager.
It’s true that sometimes I have encouraged rendering problems but that was when I was using the batch processor. Tomorrow I’m going to try the clip fx to see how they react there, but never had a rendering problem through the master section.

about the crash i´m having here with 96k projects on rendering with any Acqua plugin from Acustica Audio

“We are not compatible with Wavelab 11 yet. Please run your test on compatible hosts as Wavelab 10 with VST3.
We will test Wavelab 11 when Steinberg provides us with the NFR licenses, and normally we need 90 days after the new version release to make our products compatible.
So Wavelab 11 compatibility date should be around December 2021.”

Thanks for the update. I’ll try again next year. These plugins are not worth going back to WaveLab 10 just to use them.

I have rather the opposite response:

I use these plugins extensively and love their sound. I will hold off on upgrading Wavelab to version 11 until I know it can handle Acoustica plugs.

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The fix must come from Acustica though so the correct wording is more like:

Until Acustica plugins support WaveLab 11.

Acustica plugins deserve more attention because they sound incredible.
The solution to the issues depends on the collaboration of both sides.

Steinberg issue the VST format but if Acustica choose not to follow the guidelines and the plugins cause an issue then thats down to Acustica to sort out , every other Plugin company has to do it ,AA shouldn’t be an exception

It was proven in the case of Cubase that it was AA that had to resolve the issue with the Locking up on exit issue , after years of denying that their plugins had an issue they finally up dated the engines so what does that tell you ?

strangely i never had this problem in Cubase, i think it was happening for some configurations only… i mean (Locking up on exit issue)