For some reason The Steinberg download manager now automatically installs new elicenser control version when you open it- this broke the license for the Spectralayers One that is bundeled with Cubase 11.
It claims its Pro version and that it will run out soon- it somehow got connected with the emergency All programs licence which will now also run out because of this issue. Ive tried to run all the usual maintenance but no solution.

The only solution is to completely uninstall SL 7.0.20

Also the iisue is bigger because im getting this message in every ARA capable software for every project I try to open although I never used Spectralayers in these projects.

Im on windows 10 1909 with the latest Cubase, Spectralayers One and elicenser software v

Thanks for your help

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What is displayed in the elicenser control center?

Hey steve:

I dont see anything abnormal in the control center. The only thing that happend is Steinberg download center installed a new elicenser software verion when i opened it today. This issue didnt happen before today:

I never trialed the pro version of Spectralayers. I have only SL one that came wieth cubase 11. I dont have anything in soft elicenser


it’s running off of the all applications license that came with your Cubase Pro purchase

The last elicenser update must have caused this. Do you know of a solution to reverse this?

I dont know who from the dev team thought the idea od automatic elicenser update via Steinberg Download manager is a good one. There is no way to reverse versions. I cannot find an older previous version anywhere on Steinberg website.

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There is nothing wrong. Did you read the knowledgebase article I linked to? (1st result)

How there is nothing wrong. My Specttralayers One (the one that comes and is licensed with Cubase Pro 11) changed to Pro version.(also shows as pro in Cubase 11). USB licenses cannot and dont need to be reactivated. the first knowledgebase article is for soft elicenser.

I have an activated license for Cubase pro 11 on my USB dongle since November. It worked normally since today when Steinberg Download center updated the eLicenser software. Cubase 11 normally runs from a premanent license, however Spectralayers One doesnt- it somehow changed itself to Spectralasyers Pro version that runs on the All aplications licence that will run out in 3h and 12 minutes. I newer owned or trialed Spectralayers Pro version.

Once the timer runs out it will be back to normal. When I say nothing is wrong, I mean nothing is wrong with your elicenser or your licenses.

A ok gotcha


Regards J

After the All aplications licence ran out it reverted back to SL One version so it seems resolved.

Thanks Steve


Hi @Janko_Kezar,

thanks for describing the problem, which I also had yesterday morning. After I’d upgraded eLicenser Control Center to the actual version

Until then, there was only SL One 7. With the updated eLicenser Control Center (and the usual database maintenance) only SL Pro 7 started, and continued to use up the USB e-Licenser’s “All Applications” license. Still 1 hour 29 minutes to go… However, I did actually take the chance and tried to familiarize with most of the functions in SL Pro 7. I think it’s a great piece of software, very well structured! (so I’m going to order a Pro license anyway, later on)

The same had happened when I’d installed the free Dorico SE 3.5 last year. But there was a valid workaround by having to press either the CTRL or ALT key right after klicking the Dorico SE shortcut. By this method, one could change between all the three versions of Dorico (at least in Win 10).

Sadly, something similar doesn’t seem to work with SL 7 right now. So one would really have to entirely use up the 24 hrs “All Applications” license on the USB stick, just to get the Cubase Pro bundled SL One 7 back. :thinking:


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Hey Markus

Thanks for your post. Yes its silly that the all licence has to go out of time. I strangely had only 3h of time left for quite some time- i newer used it by myself.

Best regards

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Hey guys and girls
i own Spactralayers 7 elements but for some reason i get this massasge since yesterday
The license for application ‘SpectraLayers Pro 7’ will expire soon.
Duration until expiration: 3 hours 56 minutes 1 second

i uninstalled to make sure i really installed the elements version. which i did
but still it gives me this elicenser error massage.

in my account and on my elicenser elements is showing normaly and everything is updated

does anyone have an idea what could cause this issue ?

thank you

I had a similar issue. Just let it run out and it will go back to normal.
Somehow the All aplications licence gets triggered when a new version of Elicenser software gets installed.

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That is not what’s happening. You don’t understand what’s going on, and you have not given any information to allow anyone on this user forum to help you.

It is possible that the solution to your problem is the one above marked as the solution in this topic.

Also, please read this so you can participate in the community in a more appropriate manner: Guidelines - Steinberg Forums

I suggest you contact Steinberg support directly if you are in the EU or USA.

Hi @OrangeRecords , it doesn’t look like this is SpectraLayers related.